Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Need In 2019

Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Need In 2019

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There is no denial of the fact that social media has taken the world by storm. No matter whether you want to get connected to someone from another country, curious to read long distance relationship quotes, or want to know more about your favorite celebrity, everything is just a tap away now. All hail to the social media!

With the increase in digitalization, social media marketing has become essential for the promotion of your brand. Now you can direct the bulk of visitors to your website only if you use the right strategies and tools.

As the last month of 2018 has already arrived, the brand new year is so near. When we are about to enter to a new year, entrepreneurs and marketers start looking for the top tools to boost their online marketing.

Thousands of social media marketing tools are being launched every now and then. The wide variety leaves you with so many options but you never know which tool is the best for your business’s online marketing. The wrong tools wouldn’t let you move forward in the market. This is why here is a list of the most effective social media marketing tools that can be beneficial for your business promotion in 2019.

1 – Buffer

The IT solution company which is located in San Francisco owns the software. Buffer is one of the best social media marketing tools that allows you to manage several accounts in one dashboard. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin can be managed easily with this excellent software. It provides you with detailed social media analytics as well as interacts with the prospects.

The software is a windows browser-based application and is also available on Android and iOS. You can use its free and premium models.

2 – Post Suite

If you are not an SEO analyst, you don’t have to worry about it because this software is so simple to use. It is the perfect tool for creating campaigns and developing leads within a few seconds. It is the ideal social media marketing software for entrepreneurs who are leading a small business. If you are a small business owner then you don’t have to hire any social media experts for your brand promotion. It is available at the price of $47 as of today. However, this tool is created for only Facebook promotion, so, if Facebook isn’t your required marketing platform, this tool isn’t for you.

3 – Hootsuite

Ryan Holmes created the social media management platform in the year 2008. Since then, Hootsuite has made several positive changes in it. Its features may seem similar to the rest but the software functions quite in-depth. It integrates Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ on single dashboard. The software allows your interaction with prospective customers, provides social media analytics, and lets you schedule posts.

Not only this, it is also able to integrate other platforms including Tumblr, Reddit, and Storify. Hence, it is easier to collect customer data and receive feedbacks.

4 – Typito

The concept of video content is increasing rapidly, which is why every brand must try this sort of online marketing. Typito is the best social media marketing software when it comes to video promotion. You can create video content by using its drag and drop tool. Apart from this, you can also add attractive visuals, captions, and music.

You can try different formats like square and landscape, just according to your marketing requirements. Once your video is made, you can post it on different social media platforms.


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5 – Sendible

Organizations/agencies which deal with multiple clients at a time, Sendible is very helpful for them. The social media management tool generates an inbox for each client and keeps the data separately to that particular client. This way you can have focused and organized communication and nothing gets shuffled. It also boasts a content engine and makes suggestions based on profiles. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most advanced social media marketing platforms.

6 – Socialbakers 

Socialbakers is the tool that understands audience behavior through artificial intelligence (AI). The software works smartly and helps you save time. It increases customer base and engages more people through content personalization. With Socialbakers, you can learn about your target audience and their preference. Furthermore, it manages all social media platforms on one dashboard. You can even check out social media performance within seconds.

7 – BuzzSumo

Have you ever heard about content marketing? It is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. If you are interested in promoting your brand via unique content then BuzzSumo has what you are looking for. All you need to do is search a topic and the tool will show you trending and popular content related to the required topic. This way you can write content similar to the popular content or you can make it more informative. It will attract more organic traffic and you will notice better results.

8 – SocialOomph

The social media marketing software offers numerous features that help you promote business in an excellent manner. It not only manages social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) but it caters blog activities as well. With this software, you can schedule Facebook posts, blog posts, LinkedIn shares, and tweets.

It also increases your Twitter follower list by suggesting related accounts/profiles. People who have subscribed the software are quite happy with its results. It boosts productivity and provides better results.

9 – Tailwind

Tailwind is useful to those social media marketers and visual creators who use Pinterest and Instagram. When using Tailwind, you can schedule posts, analyze results, increase your reach, monitor communication, and discover unique content. It is one of the best and reasonable social media marketing tools for small businesses. It helps you find out what’s more effective and what’s not which ultimately leads to better marketing of your brand. Moreover, it saves your time by using different shortcuts like hashtag lists.

10 – Venngage

The software is ideal for social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The free design tool allows you to use free pre-sized images and templates which you can use for the particularly known sites. If you are not a designer or good at editing, you can be a pro anyway with Venngage. Simply drag and drop to create high quality and catchy images.

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