Best Tips to Set up ReMarketing Campaign in AdWords

It’s frustrating when you put in PPC marketing effort only to find prospects leaving without making a purchase. There’s a silver lining – you can use AdWords remarketing to encourage them to come back and complete a purchase.

Here are a few things you should know while setting up an AdWords remarketing campaign:

Types of AdWords Remarketing

In Google AdWords, you’ll find different types of remarketing including standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, RLSAs and YouTube remarketing. Standard remarketing allows you to serve static image ads to prospects who visited your website through the Display Network.

With dynamic remarketing ads, you can show non-static image ads of specific products/services audiences have viewed on your website (you would need a Merchant Center account for this).

Target Highly Qualified Audience

AdWords remarketing agency experts also covers RLSAs (remarketing lists for Search Ads) that allow you to target site visitors who leave your website and later on enter a search term related to your business. With YouTube remarketing, you can target viewers of your YouTube channel or serve site visitors with YouTube ads.

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AdWords remarketing is useful because it allows advertisers to retarget highly qualified audiences (site visitors who are already familiar with your brand) who are more likely to make a purchase than complete strangers.

Start with Identifying Objective

To set up AdWords remarketing, first, identify your objective. Ideas for objectives include increasing brand awareness, providing additional information about new features or new products/services to site visitors, upselling or cross-selling to existing customers, presenting similar products to existing customers, reminding leads about your business as they explore other options on the internet or enticing shopping cart abandoners to complete a purchase.

Install Remarketing Code

In order to enable remarketing, you need to install a remarketing tag code on all your website pages. You can access the code from your AdWords account and install it on your own. Alternately, you can email it to your tech team or Google AdWords remarketing services provider who will install it for you. Tagging every webpage of your website gives you more freedom to implement a broad range of remarketing

Tips to Segment Audience

Based on campaign goals, you can decide who to add as an audience. You can identify audience based on the web page/s they visited, web pages they did not visit, amount of time they spent on your website, number of pages they visited, whether they made a purchase earlier or how they fit your customer demographic by age, gender, location etc.

If you want to go beyond web page targeting or conversion targeting, Google AdWords remarketing services providers recommend setting up the remarketing tag on Google Analytics for more niche targeting such as by demographics and on-site behaviour among others.

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Take Advantage of AdWords Flexibility

Google offers a lot of flexibility in creating remarketing lists and you can combine multiple conditions to create custom lists. You can also set custom parameters such as site visitors who viewed products above a certain value – use parameters such as ‘value’ and ‘page type’ for greater refinement. For Display Network ads, select membership duration, which is the length of time a member will be active on the list.

Follow Best Practices

There are many best practices that Google AdWords remarketing services providers advocate to optimize remarketing campaigns. Make sure ad copy is tailored, compelling and contains a strong call-to-action. Implement frequency capping to limit the number of times a prospect sees your ad in a day. Set up conversion tracking and test on a consistent basis. Experiment with new or similar product categories, try out different language, location, membership duration settings to find the sweet spot.

Treat valuable site visitors such as prospects with multiple visits and shopping cart abandoners with care – offer them freebies such as coupons and discounts. For more ideas, get in touch with an affordable PPC management agency now.!

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