Look Closely into the Details of Dedicated Server Hosting

dedicated server

We all know what web hosting is and what the different kinds of web hosting server options are. If you landed on this page trying to figure out what all that is, we will sum it up for you. A web host is responsible for the internet access for your website content. It is the platform on which you constantly keep your data online for people to see, use, and communicate with you. There is shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and Cloud hosting.


If your website hasn’t got anything to do with corporate or large scale business you can run it on a shared host forever. It has a nominal monthly or annual cost. You get to be sure that your websites are safe from hackers if you buy a shared server on rent. But if your business is larger, the security that a shared server offers might not be enough, and the storage and bandwidth will definitely not be enough. So, it is time to move on to VPS servers.

VPS servers are basically a part of a dedicated server put aside just for you. Other owners are using other parts of the same server but you have a dedicated bandwidth, storage, and RAM dedicated for you. Nobody else will encroach upon that space. You also get to configure your own security features. You have way more customisation options than when you did with a shared server. The freedom that comes with VPS servers is worth the cost.

If you want more freedom, more security, more storage, and everything more. If you are a hotshot on the internet, about to reach the pinnacle of success, switch to a dedicated server immediately. Once you have hosting with dedicated server in India, there is no looking back.

Choosing a good web hosting server

When you are looking for a web host to partner with you, you need to look for more than just which broad type of server you are looking for. By the way, even the types of servers aren’t limited to just 3. VPS servers have subtypes, managed and unmanaged VPS servers. Then there is a totally different 4th type, the Cloud server.

You also need to know whether you want your server to be hosted on Windows or Linux. That is a crucial choice to make. It all depends on what you expect your server to do. If you are not confident about what all this is about, research some more. We have all the information on our very own website. You will find the answer to every question you might have regarding the OS for your server.

Then you have price points to compare, specifics like bandwidth, RAM, and storage to consider. You also have other features to think about, like add on features and ads.

Take every piece of information with a grain of salt

Every time you visit a web hosting server website, take everything you read, with a grain of salt. Do not fall for false advertising. Do not make your decisions based on vague determinants. A good dedicated server in India will never resort to false advertising but you need to know which server is a good one. Here are some common phrases you need to be very careful about and inspect thoroughly before believing.

  • 99% uptime: This sounds exactly like 99.99% germs removal with the best handwash, or dandruff with the best shampoo. You know the drill. Even if you are getting actual 99.9% uptime, you still have 10 minutes of downtime on you every week. The truth is, web hosts that make this promise don’t even actually live up to it. If you are not careful enough, you will be paying for something lesser than promised.
  • Page load speed promises: Web hosts that pledge to give you under 500ms for page load time are mostly lying too. You need to find out which web hosts actually live up to this promise because if the page load time is anything more than 0.5 second, you will start recording high bounce rates.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth: Do not confuse ‘unmetered’ with ‘unlimited’. Web hosts that offer unlimited storage or bandwidth often don’t exactly mean ‘unlimited’. They offer a very big margin for the specifics and some owners do not even realise they sold themselves on false promises, until they actually reach the limit. While trying to sell you on the term ‘unlimited’ the web host assumes that your traffic and database will never reach their limit. But you need to know better.
  • Prices: You need to talk about every price point in details. The web host will not initiate this conversation. They might even try to evade it. But you need to make sure you have found out everything about the cost policies before signing up. Find out about their renewal policies, compare the price with that of their rival web host services. If a web host claims “competitive pricing”, it is your job to make sure they are actually offering the best price. Inquire about the clauses for any “money back guarantee” offered.

A reliable and professional dedicated server company will make sure it is clear about all its claims. It will entertain all your questions and answer patiently. It will not withhold the details from you. Trust your instincts and judge for yourself. Talk to the representatives of the company face to face. Ask about their customer support policies, return policies, technical support facilities, and host transfer facilities. Take every detail of every specific so that you do not end up getting sold on false promises. Talk about the price, talk about return policies, and everything that is important. Seal the deal with a company that you can feel is trustworthy.

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