Check your Google keyword ranking with these five excellent websites

Google keyword ranking

The ranking matters depending on Google results.  In any case, the initial page gains more than 70% of all the clicks. Having the best Google rank checker tool, you can know the Google position faster, simpler, and more accurate. The ranking varies depending on the searcher’s location and the type of device they are using. However, if you keep struggling to find the ranking list, there is a need to look for further help and guidance from the experts. In this article, we are going to discuss the best of the best website design tools that will help you to monitor your business ranking so that you can make decisions that will help improve your position.


SEMrush tool


It is the topmost tool that can be used with any search to provide in-depth reports regarding your business position in terms of keyword ranking. SEMrush is a paid ranking tool that offers your business with many features. It is used in checking your Google position, analyze backlinks, monitor the algorithms, research keywords, and many more. Markedly, it goes beyond SEO since it offers toolkits for advertisements and social media. To get started with SEMrush and checking for the keywords from Google, you will need to follow these three steps:

  • Log in to SEMrush
  • Choose the SEO toolkit.
  • Select “position tracking.”

The information you will get will offer your team with many crucial pieces of information that include:

  • Top competitors  in the search results
  • Top keywords
  • Overall visibility
  • Traffic estimation
  • Average position in  search results
  • Top keywords from the third to the 100
  • Landing pages
  • Ranking for the featured snippets

SEMrush gives significant information, which makes it easy to digest since you access all the information at the same time through the main dashboard. When compared to other tools, it features a bit higher in price. This is because it is known as the best Google rank checker due to its expansive features and capabilities.




Being a powerhouse SEO tool, Ahref is a tool that offers a fast and accurate way of finding your search rankings. It is not a free option for checking your Google position. Although it is paid for, it is an effective tool that is considered to be among the top five best for checking your Google ranking. You can do several things with the Ahref tool, including; auditing your website, discovering new keywords, and even finding the target competitor links.

The steps to follow when using the Ahref as your keyword position checker includes:

  • Log in
  • Click at the rank tracker
  • Select “add new” to your website
  • Select your website from the rank tracker menu
  • Add keywords

After adding the keywords, then you can begin monitoring your website in all the dimensions you want and performance notion.

Google search console



Google search console tool

This is an excellent option when it comes to checking your Google keyword rankings. Google itself manages it and, thus, offers your website with massive has the capability to discern keywords of different types of content, whether video or text.

When using the Google search console, follow these steps  to find your keyword ranking:

  • Log in to the Google search console
  • Visit
  • Put in the keyword and hit the enter button or better still click the search button.
  • Check the results and then search for the performance of that query.

Notably, it is an exhaustive procedure, especially if you are tracking several keywords.  The Google search offers a free way of getting your ranking results. Additionally, it compiles various pieces of valuable information in one place. For instance, you can check the following information concerning a page inclusive of clicks, the position, and impression made. Also, you can make a comparison with the previous performance by looking at the data from the past days. The good thing is that all the information is retrieved from Google, which offers the most accurate data. Additionally, it provides tips to improve the ranking if they are on the bottom or not pleasing.



It is a free tool that offers you a preview of the search engine results on Google. If you are searching for a bare-minimum approach to finding your keyword ranking on Google, AccuRanker is the best tool for you. This is because you can modify the results depending on the varying country and location. You can even see the look-alike results from your desktop or other devices. Follow the following steps when using the AccuRanker:

  • Visit the AccuRanker’s SERP checker
  • Put down your targeted keywords
  • Select your country
  • Select your location if need be
  • Choose your device if need be
  • Finally, click “search now.”

It is important to understand that you can only view the first page of the results with the SERP checker. This is because the AccuRanker tool limits its users to look for over five searches in a day. If you have several keywords, it may not be in a position to work well for your business.

Authority labs

Authority labs

It helps in tracking ranks for specific keywords in your business. According to many companies, it is a good way of finding your search ranking, especially if compared to some other tools like the Google search console.

The following steps are used when you want to look-up for your Google keyword ranking using this tool:

  • log in to Authority labs
  • select your domain or website
  • follow one of these options, including:
  1. An overview which summarizes your keyword ranking
  2. Rankings which helps you to view specific keywords and search engines
  3. Now provided-to know rankings for each page
  4. Add keywords-uploading keywords one by one or in bulks.

In many instances, your company is likely to view the rankings and the now provided options report. Its perk is, however, that your firm should look at the search engine ranking or give the position of the information basing on a range of views.

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