Common Mistakes When Designing A Landing Page

Landing pages are essential for any new product or service. You likely know certain apps developed by app builders or digital platforms as a result of their landing pages. Landing page condenses all the important information about the product, from its concept and the benefits that users can get from it.

These pages have some characteristics and peculiarities, so if you want to design one, you should meet with web developers and app builders for your projects. For this reason, we have listed the common mistakes that are usually made when designing a landing page. Not only do we mention mistakes, but we also give examples of pages that don’t make them and that you could probably take as a model in your projects.

Navigation that gets too much attention

Navigation is one of the essential elements that ensure a good user experience. For this reason, it is probably one of the first areas to which a designer focuses his attention when starting to work on a website. Although, as a rule, the menu bar should always be visible, make sure you don’t direct the user’s attention to the menu bar. The main focus of the site should be on the action you want the user to perform, so choose a precise word for your call to action buttons and make them stand out. Placing an image, illustration or texture as a background can also help to reinforce the message.

Certain pages are removed from the navigation menu, particularly dedicated and small landing pages. The landing page should only focus on detailing what the service entails and how the action can be taken. The description should not extensive and should be accompanied by images so that visitors can understand instantly.

If your site can’t get rid of navigation, find a way to make it visible and subtle at the same time.

Randomly selected photographs

Images can help reinforce the message to be conveyed. In the case of a landing page, it can be useful to connect with the user and highlight the benefits of the product or service. For this reason, it is especially important to properly select the photographs you are going to use on the landing page. In free image banks, you will not find very interesting or repetitive images since they are mostly taken by people who do not have much experience. So you must spend a lot of your time looking for the ideal picture. You can also use paid image banks where you will find more variety and more professional images.

Also remember that once you have chosen the ideal photo you can modify the frame, apply filters, change colors, etc. As an example, we use “Plated”, where the products they offer are placed in a large part of their photographs and the brand is reinforced.

Little focus on action buttons

The action button is one of the main elements on any landing page. You must have many factors in mind to choose the right phrase and the perfect position so that the user’s view is directed to this particular element of the entire page. The visitors might not click on the call to action button until he has reviewed the entire page, so, the benefits of the products and services should be highlighted and should include the same call to action button as at the top.

To highlight this button, it is necessary to understand visual reading and the creation of good design, white spaces, and color theory. Opaque or dark backgrounds and vibrantly colored buttons should be used to capture the attention of the visitors. You can also opt for ghost buttons. If so, you should be careful to make sure the button stands out.

Using too many elements

While minimalism, like many other trends, has an appropriate occasion for use, landing pages can be an especially useful resource. Landing pages are quite special because, unlike other websites, they usually contain specific information about a product or service and all the elements are aimed at the user clicking on the action button. So ignoring information about the company and the team could be a wise decision on these types of pages.

Minimalism promotes the elimination of unnecessary elements and the preservation of those that are fundamental. This way, the layout is not overloaded with elements and the design of the entire page can be better organized. The very essence of minimalism favors landing pages because with a smaller number of elements it is easier for visitors to focus on the most substantial of the site: the action button. Light Phone is a page that puts minimalism into practice and adds the parallax effect. It works perfectly because it places large images in all the areas that make up the page.

In conclusion

To design a landing page, you must take certain considerations into account and keep in mind that the action button is the main element, so the whole site must be oriented so that the user is encouraged to click on that button. Without a doubt, it is different to design a complete website and you may have some problems if it is the first time you design such a page. We hope this article helps you avoid mistakes and create an effective landing page. Remember to also contact top web developers and app builders for your web and app projects.

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