How to Manage your Remote Sales Team Using CRM Telephony


Today’s technologically advanced era has helped small businesses to operate from multiple countries. The incredible list of innovative technologies keeps growing, and the business community is amazed using it. These tools have allowed seamless management of remotely functional sales teams and businesses cannot thanks modernization enough for the opportunities.

However, these breakthrough technologies are not always up to the mark, yes, you heard it right. Innovation is a fancy term, and the fancier the technology gets, the more expensive it becomes. Today, we will be providing information about one such inexpensive method of keeping your sales team on the same page and enhance your sales revenue; CRM Telephony.

A CRM software with built-in calling feature or as it is popularly known as a virtual phone system, allows business owners to manage their remote sales team with better efficiency and enables them in providing better customer support from anywhere in the world!

Major Benefits of CRM Telephony

CRM with built in virtual phone system

We must tell you that we are not talking about integrating your CRM system with a third party calling app. We are talking about a software that your sales team will efficiently utilize for carrying out their daily sales calling activities.

One of the major benefits of migrating to a CRM that provides users with a telephony feature that your sales team will start using the CRM more frequently.


Well, let’s say your sales team complaints that they don’t depend on CRM software because they have to make notes or feed data twice or thrice which affects their daily productivity. Many sales reps lose the critical data of their conversation with the client or it gets misplaced.

When you use CRM software, you can make notes while on the call with your prospect and quickly go through the past conversation and data.

This way your manual labor goes down and sales productivity increases pushing the sales reps to rely on CRM for further communication.

Spending money on any sales tool while working with a limited budget is a great concern for small and midsize business owners. But, once your sales team start relying on and using the CRM software selected by you, your ROI on the software gets taken care of automatically.

As a business owner, you would like your sales team to work in full capacity for deriving the best results because your revenue depends on it. Now, with a CRM software in place for handling all your sales calls, you don’t have to worry about your sales teams’ productivity.

CRM software comes loaded with various other sales features to add on to your sales teams’ strength. But we will be mainly focusing on the calling feature in this article:

Inexpensive Sales Productivity

  • With phone system inside a CRM software, team members can experience seamless remote working from any point on the globe.
  • Even when your sales reps are in the field for meeting with prospects or clients, they can make and log their sales calls into the CRM system using their mobile devices.
  • A virtual phone system is easy to set up and provides you with an inexpensive international sales calling.
  • It is not so heavy on your budget as there are no hardware costs associated with it.
  • Just choose the virtual phone numbers of your desired countries, club them with your current CRM plan & start enjoying features like voicemails, call recording, call forwarding, etc.

Single Click Calling From CRM

  • Be it the last conversation, last communication date or those important notes taken during the sales calls everything is stored inside a centralized data repository for your convenience.
  • CRM telephony enables sales reps to accept or make sales calls with a single click.
  • All this contact information already saved inside the CRM allows sales reps to be more productive.

Accurate Sales Call Analytics

  • Sales CRM with built-in calling comes with intuitive reporting features that provide an in-depth analysis of each and every sales call made by your sales rep.
  • Detailed notes that are taken by sales reps while on call with prospects and clients allow faster deal movement inside your sales pipeline as you exactly know your prospects’ requirements.
  • With all the small yet important details available to your sales reps, they will be easily converting prospects into customers.

Quantifiable Feedback & Training

  • A continual feedback is the backbone of a sales team that performs and drives the revenue of a business.
  • It also allows your sales reps to know that their work is being monitored which provides them with a positive motivation of keep up their good work.
  • CRM with built-in calling allows sales managers to keep track of daily sales activities of each sales rep.
  • You can choose which sales reps are outperforming the others and use the same while training new recruits.

Call Recording

  • Recording a sales call has various benefits for small and midsize businesses.
  • Having a voice record of every conversation that takes place between your sales reps and prospects/customers allows you to create top-performing scripts for the future that can lead to more successful closures. It can also help business in resolving legal issues.

Flexibility of Operating from Any Location

We have given you an insight on how inexpensive, useful, and intuitive it is to use a CRM with built-in calling. Now let’s talk more about how you can use this incredible feature for managing your remote sales team.

  • Small and mid-size businesses looking for business opportunities beyond their physical and geographical boundaries.
  • For this same purpose, they do prospecting for talents that can handle their flow of business from different locations across the globe.
  • Being low on working budget and human resources, business owners can use this feature to build a remote sales team that can be on the hunt for opportunities at every hour of the day.
  • This also provides the businesses with the opportunity of being available to their customers at every time.
  • Having an international virtual phone number allows your sales team members with the flexibility of operating from any remote location and still stay in complete synchronization.
  • With the CRM data, anyone who answers or makes a call will have a detailed layout of information in front of them which will help them in carrying the conversation to the next level.

Create Local Presence of your Business

Your business can have phone numbers with local area codes for multiple countries in the world even if there is no physical office of yours.

  • With virtual phone numbers, you can now present your business as local to your customers and can compete with the local brands of multiple countries.
  • This allows businesses to develop a great rapport with their local customers as these customers appreciate the fact that the company exists within their own boundary.
  • Prospects and customers feel a bit uncomfortable answering calls that have international codes.
  • Having a local virtual number will help your business in establishing a feeling of trust and smoothen your sales prospecting process.


We hope that this article was able to shed perfect light on the importance of having a CRM telephony feature that can help you in managing your own remote sales team. These points elaborate one fact; while working with a budget constraint, SMB’s need help of every available sales tool for a smoother sales process. After all, you are working hard to create a business that keeps enhancing it revenue with time, aren’t you!

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