Importance and Significance of Electronic Time Sheet in Today’s Life

The electronic time sheet is one of the parts of a time-tracking application. This is stored in the single database. It is very easy to handle for generating reports for a very small number of employees, departments, individuals in the entire company. It is equivalent to the paper sheet process.

Accessing the Electronic Time Sheet

There are some procedures followed for accessing the electronic time sheet.

  • Log in to HR/Pay using the user ID and password.

  • Then go for self-service

  • Later, go to report time

  • At last, go to time sheet

Mostly for hourly paid employees, this electronic time sheet is used for keeping proper data and depending on that, payments are done. Human resource department is responsible for preparing this timesheet. There are some common forms include for this time sheet like-

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Bi-monthly etc

Electronic time sheet
Electronic time sheet

Reason for Using Electronic Time Sheet

This time sheet is used for tracking leave time, working hours, accruals etc. and to make any adjustments while doing any payroll. It differs from one employee to another.

Electronic Time Sheet Software

Electronic time sheet software provides a nice tractable workforce solution. Employees submit their time sheets to their supervisor and after approving it directly goes to the HR department for cross-checking. If everything is alright, depending on that he or she will get the money. These works are done by the HR Executive.

Objective of This Timesheet

Electronic time sheet has some special appeal of its own

  • This is a very important and valuable method for keeping every record and help to know or track about the working hours.

  • Here the information helps for assigning tasks, determining and analyzing etc.

  • You will get the breakdown of each task which is very much essential

  • It depends on the budgetary control and forecasting also depending on which it is prepared.

  • If employee’s works are not up to the mark, then managers will not approve it and that is why they won’t able to get the proper amount of money also. Nevertheless, a company needs to ensure about the payments and all.

  • This time sheet is far better than web-based to desktop time sheet software and this time sheet can manage labor hours and payroll.

Advantages of Electronic Time Sheet

There are lots of advantages and benefits of this time sheet. This is a very simple process to keep track of the hours that any employee has done. This is used for both simple and complex time tracking solutions. The advantages are highlighted under below.

  • Reporting and History:  This is totally related with employee’s salary, working quality etc. if working quality is very good then every employee will get his or her fruitful result.

  • Correction: Correction is one of the special parts under this process and there are some features which must be maintained also.

  • Efficient Collection: Sometimes it becomes hectic to collect all the data. Not only this, it has automatically generated reminders to keep record of every schedule.

So, these are the objectives and advantages of electronic time sheet. Nowadays it is used more frequently because depending on that, charge sheet, leave sheet, salary slip etc are prepared in a company. According to the HR system, they are establishing and implementing functionally for the automation of time and attendance, aggregate the reporting, rapid time entry and elimination of manual submission of electronic time sheet. These procedures must be followed while preparing the electronic time sheet.

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