Is DevOps Better Than Agile? A Look at the Differences Between DevOps and Agile

DevOps has been a buzzword in industry for quite some time now. Many organizations are inclined towards adopting DevOps, but there is some confusion around it. Is it better than Agile? Will it smoothly integrate alongside Agile?

Agile follows a set of best practices to create quality software in a timely manner. It is based on an iterative approach that promotes the continuous integration of feedback during the software development process. 

Whereas, DevOps brings together the Development and Operations teams to work together using automation technology. It uses automated tools and processes to reduce the manual workload of teams so that employees can focus on much more complex tasks. 

While DevOps provides some additional benefits like automation tools to speed up the software development process, it complements rather than replaces Agile. 

Here are some of the key differences between Agile and DevOps that you should know before you start working with them. 

What are the Differences Between DevOps and Agile?

Image courtesy: Cypress Data Defense
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