Different Strategies to Use Google Trends for Online Marketing by Nitin Khanna

Google Trends, introduced in 2006, is an asset that offers the individuals with valuable perceptions of how they’ll search for the world’s most prevalent search engine, which is known as Google.


At that point, it was frequently updated; however, today it is updated each second and indeed makes use of real-time information.

Nitin Khanna, a successful entrepreneur, settled in Portland, Oregon (US), has implemented such a strategy in my business and this ultimately leads to compelling results.

I’ll discuss with you this concept in detail later on in this article, but very first want to share with you the meaning of Google Trends.

What is Google Trends?

It is a free instrument that enables you to figure out trending topics at any minute by keeping a track of the number of searches of a particular topic. Google Trends gives the data meaning and framework by representing them in graphical diagrams and enable the clients to analyze relative Search Terms, including Related Queries, and giving data on Interest by Region.

As if now you’re aware of the Google Trends, I want to share some of the Internet marketing strategies with you that can beused for the Google Trends:

Find Out the Topics Which Are Trending

This is because writing regarding the relevant and current subjects is an awesome method to boost online marketing.

Go to your dashboard and discover what the trending topics are right now. You can toggle the channels on the upper right to choose a classification which you find important or interesting. Look at the trending topics and ask yourself the following:

  • Is this subject important to my business?
  • Do I have required knowledge about this subject?
  • Is this topic important to my prospective clients?
  • Would I be able to compose something about it as well?

In case the answer to the above questions is ‘YES’, you must share something regarding the current topic.

Keyword Research

Google Trends is considered as a great device for keyword identification in order to boost the online marketing concept. You’ll notice a bar at the top of Google Trends dashboard, which says ‘Explore Topics.’ You can enter different search terms to figure out which term is more required on the Google. For instance, check the terms – Tour Company, tour operation, and tour agent. Then, think for the term with the maximum number of searches.

The term that has the highest number of searches is the one that can be used. Why? This is due to the fact that maximum numbers of searches reflect the following:

  • The term is widely searched via online and you can be easily discovered online in case you align your content to what the prospective customers are looking for. Make sure to focus on query based research as it leads two benefits – satisfy the customer’s queries and long tail keywords optimized for voice-based searches.
  • Also, the term is generally utilized as a part of everyday discussions. An ever-increasing number of individuals are looking for the terms that they might use in conversations as opposed to keyword-centric searches. Use the similar language as your audience.

Improve your online marketing by utilizing these terms that are regularly utilized and usually looked for. Always keep in mind that you’ve to compete with different businesses for similar keywords.

Search Trends Comparison

With the aid of Google Trends, you can do the complete examination of the search volumes which a specific search term has in different classifications, several locations, and in a different time frame.

This is particularly because of YouTube, Shopping, Images, and News. They offer a wide range of opportunities to look for. They’re disclosed at the top of the results page as a drop-down menu or recorded through the page.

The information can be easily accessed on image search that might be useful by giving you distinctive thoughts on which approach to take your marketing campaign. Plenty of queries will result in image search, making it a crucial piece of advertising. Also, information on YouTube may likewise have astute disclosures.

URL Rankings

One may likewise utilize this information by taking the listed URLs as included articles to discover the keywords that the page is ranking for utilizing SEO instruments.

This displays how quick a page is ranked and listed. Also, it demonstrates the number of inquiriesin relation to each other which a page can rank for a shorter timeframe.

You would then be able to discover how Google processes make a new content. This data is valuable for you as you can utilize it to settle on futuristic decisions concerning keywords in order to get higher rankings from Google.

Final Words

Begin to utilize these superb Internet marketing strategies and turn the enchantment wand towards the path you need. I have utilized these Google Trends to make my work better, easier, and fast and as a result, effective outcomes with great profits are produced.

Try to implement these strategies in your business. Share your experiences after trying out these. I hope these will help you a lot!

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