How to Unleash the True Potential of Your Android Smartphone


We’re living in the Android age, and it sure is a fun time to be alive. Our smartphones are as fun as they are useful, and I for one cannot survive without my beauty. I am completely in love with my very new and very hip Galaxy A8+, and why wouldn’t I be?? It has widened my horizons and made me a tech geek. It sometimes feels as though I literally have a secret love affair going on with my phone.


Owning an Android means that you’re in for surprises because there’s so much that your phone can do, and most of us are unaware of its wonders. We all definitely love the ease of use that Google has instilled in the Android operating system, but the fun and exciting part doesn’t even begin there. The fact that these phones have the option of downloading applications and then all the crazy things that these apps can achieve is absolutely awesome. From completely altering the display to using it as a universal remote, your Android is a genie in a bottle, and its powers are limitless.

However, what most of us do not realize is that we don’t always need the third party applications to get the most out of our phone. There are so many ready made available, albeit hidden features that will amaze any Android lover.

The long debate over which wins the title for the best operating system when it comes to phones is over. The iPhone doesn’t stand a chance. No matter how technically sound an iPhone may be, it does not give you complete freedom and control like your Android does. Let’s go through the cool, marvelous things that your impressive Android can do for you.

Universal Remote

We all can be forgetful. With so much that’s happening around our lives, forgetting a TV or AC remote is easy to do. But it sure is a nuisance. Well, no need to worry about it anymore, because you’re Android comes fitted with infrared technology, and with the help of a few applications, you can have your phone turned into a remote that can work on a lot of appliances.

Health Benefits

Androids can show us the temperature around our location through GPS, but I don’t think a lot of us know that our phone can also tell us about the ambiance and conditions surrounding us, including the humidity. This is a built-in feature on Samsung, the S Health app. For other Androids, one can simply download the relevant app from the Google Play store. Moreover, there are apps that can actually pick up your heart rate and pedometers that count and record the number of steps you take. It’s a one-stop destination for keeping a check on your general well-being.

Help with Shopping

By downloading a simple barcode scanner app, you can turn your phone into a barcode scanner. This really comes in handy when you’re shopping for groceries and have kids wailing about, and you do not have the patience to wait for someone from the store to help you out with items of the unknown price. This is also good if you’re running a business, as you can simply scan products and exchange the information with the buyer.

Facial Recognition

When we think of all the amazing things an Android can do, let’s not forget that we need to keep our device safe and secure from prying eyes. Most new phones come equipped with the splendid feature of facial recognition. You can turn it on by going to the settings menu and selecting the feature from the screen lock menu. Another benefit that has been added is the blinking option. It simply means you can blink once while looking at the camera to get your pretty selfie was taken, which the phone will use to unlock itself. It makes sure that no unwanted individual takes a picture of you to unlock your phone. No blink, no entrance.

Compass and Measurement

Love the outdoors and can’t resist the occasional camping mood when it strikes? Android has you covered. Your Android is equipped with sensors which will work with applications so that you are never lost. East, west, north, or south, your device is with you and waiting for your command. Add a free compass app from the Play store, and you’re ready to go. Also, there are apps that calculate the distance between two points and will give you the estimated time as well. You can also calculate the speed of moving objects.

Accessibility and IoT

This is the time of the Internet of Things (IoT), and all our devices are now interconnected, thanks to the ever-growing ease of connectivity and the flexible package options offered by major internet providers, such as Xfinity internet deals offered by Comcast. One log-into Google Chrome, and you are completely connected to all your Android devices. Working from home or from anywhere other than the workplace is now possible thanks to the IoT. It has opened up ventures for more success while making it possible to spend more time with your family. All the tabs that were opened on the office workstation can be accessed from your Android with a few simple clicks. The same can be done from your laptop or computer at home. There’s an all recent tabs option on Google Chrome, and by signing in once, you can check the history and retrieve data from all your connected devices. This is great if you have kids at home, as this makes it easier to monitor their online activity.

Shout Out for a Selfie

For all of the photographers out there, this feature is essential. By simply enabling your voice control option, you can literally shout a command of your choice to take a perfect selfie. It is such a genius idea because there’s no need to balance your Android with one hand while trying to hit the screen button for taking the picture anymore.

Typing Hacks

Another great feature which most people are unaware of, or maybe simply do not think about it, is the gesture/swipe typing. This works so well when you get tired of typing and lifting thumbs up to reach every other word. This is especially helpful for one-handed typing. The feature isn’t automatically turned on, so you have to look for it in the Play Store, although sometimes this add-on is a part of the keyboard. Imagine eating a snack while having a best friend emergency; texting in this situation is much easier with this feature.

Remote Lock Feature

It is such a dangerous thing to have your Android stolen. The risks you face regarding the unlocking of personal data are extraordinary. This isn’t just scary for professionals; it jeopardizes anyone with any sort of data saved on their phone. Your Android comes with the built-in feature of accessing and deleting your data remotely in case of a theft. You just have to go to the device manager settings and give your phone the authority to do so.

There are countless amazing features that are associated with Android devices that we didn’t even cover. Your Android hosts a never-ending list of possibilities.

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