In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs to look out for in 2020

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Digital Marketing has slowly become an ever increasing demand for customers and businesses. With the growth of technologies and a shift in how consumers find services and products, this has required an urge for different job roles within the sector. Therefore, business owners and CEOs are having to delve in the job market for experienced individuals that will help to grow innovation and make sure that their business can succeed.

So, what are the new wave of job roles within digital marketing that are high in-demand for 2020? Here are 5 roles in particular that are expected to be the most sought-after roles for the year ahead.

Chief Experience Officer

Customer experience has never been more important for businesses. In a crowded market, companies are now making user experience a top priority for their customers to help them stand out from their competitors. With so many businesses in similar sectors using the same methods to reach out to existing and new customers, user experience is one aspect where companies can differentiate themselves. CXO’s will be required to align the brand’s identity and USP’s to optimise customer journeys that lead to increased sales and growth.

As a Chief Experience Officer, there are many responsibilities and skills required to be successful in the role. First and foremost, having previous experience in customer service will aid in understanding how you can do better for the customer. Having this skill will benefit the campaigns moving forward, as these campaigns will look to increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction across the business customer base.

You must also have a knowledge of intellectual property positioning and awareness in order to ensure that the processes that are built are kept within the realms of the business. Considering the ideas you create will catapult you in the lead against your competitors, there needs to be a reassurance that the idea will remain unique.

Finally, you’ll require a team to achieve the customer goals, which is why management skills of customer experience teams is a priority.

Chief Experience Officer

Machine Learning Engineer

Developments in technology have urged more businesses to invest into the advances of everything machine learning. AI in particular, has seen a large growth in businesses looking to engage with their audiences and reach out to their customers in unique ways. By developing AI driven programmes, machines will be able to take actions without human interaction. Examples such as customised news feeds are just one example of how AI programmes can be developed for businesses.

Computer Science qualifications will be a must to ensure you have an understanding of data modelling and machine learning algorithms. This also means that mathematical skills will be a must and being able to analyse complex problems and large datasets. Overall this is a highly-skilled job that is best suited to someone who has detailed knowledge of the subject area.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are instrumental in defining marketing strategies based on data performance of the businesses marketing channels. Their aim would be to break down and analyse pieces of data on softwares such as Google Analytics and pay-per-click. In doing so, they can understand trends and whether they may be faltering or excelling in performance and then use this knowledge to help marketing managers come up with marketing strategies to increase ROI. This information is key to determining whether a marketing campaign is being utilised effectively.

Data Analysts will have extremely analytical minds with strong mathematical skills that will help them to make sense of the market numbers. A knowledge of market research will also be influential as gathering information will be a vital aspect of the role.

UX Designer

In a competitive market, it’s now more important than ever that businesses are able to provide a smooth user experience for their customers. Whilst it’s useful to have a customer model and that considers their experience, having the ability to execute it is a different ball game.

UX Designers are there to ensure that this experience can be brought to life. Their main focuses are around improving usability, accessibility and pleasure for their users when interacting with the business’ products and platforms. To do so, they work collaboratively with other design teams, users and key stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the product can work effectively for the user as well as the business.

Considering how many tasks UX Designers do on a daily basis and what their role entails, they do require having a very diverse skill set. More practical skills will include having knowledge of wireframing and prototyping as well as interpreting data and feedback. More soft skills will relate to effective communication, problem-solving and working well with other team members. As a more personal and specific skill, understanding the business ethos and model is crucial to producing a solid user experience. You need to be able to learn quickly about the needs of the user and goals of the business, combining them together.

Marketing Data Scientist

Digital platforms are becoming the forefront of business strategy as companies look to utilise their continuing growth in attracting audiences. A Marketing Data Scientist is slightly different to a marketing data analyst in that it focuses solely on improving marketing effectiveness. By interpreting marketing data, marketing data scientists advise larger marketing departments of modifications or additions they can make to current campaigns to make it more effective. They’ll be able to support their claims based on the analysis they have made of internal and external datasets that interprets customer behaviour.

Similar to a Marketing Data Analyst, there will be many soft skills that will be useful in the role. This will include being a good communicator in order to explain complex ideas into simple terms. This is so the hierarchy and marketing managers can better understand the thought process for why changes need to be made to a campaign.

Final thoughts

In an ever-growing sector, there has never been a more high-demand for job roles within digital marketing as businesses look to make big strides in 2020. Adaptive innovation is key to ensuring that companies can stand out from the rest of the crowd. Digital marketing is essential to making this happen and the people behind it are what drives it.

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