30 low-cost Business ideas for startups in India 2020

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If you are planning to start a low cost business and don’t have a clue on where to start, then here is your gateway below. Low cost business ideas can bring you massive success and profitability. Here below is a list of 30 low cost business ideas for startups in India 2020.

  1. Tuition Class –

The first basic low cost business idea would be starting a home based tuition class. It can provide you with a good income only in hand with a marker and pen along with a whiteboard. Tuition classed can be provided individually or in a group basis where marketing can be done through a mouth to mouth basis or by the association of a social media.

  1. Network Marketing Business –

Network marketing is a newer business idea which can be initiated with a sum of a low capital namely 10,000 or 15,000. MLM is the other name of it which is also known as referral marketing. Products are needed to be sold out to the network marketing organizations through the mode of developing new member under the person.

A certain amount of commission can be earned through product sells and developing new members. This business provides an opportunity of earning a handsome income if the operations are conducted smoothly, delicately and systematically.

  1. Tea Coffee Shop –

Starting a tea or coffee shop can be also listed amongst the best low cost business ideas for startups where you only need to rent a small space along with the raw material for tea or coffee. The business standings alongside a college, or office can be proper.

  1. Fast Food Joint –

Fast food joints in India is also a great shot towards making a successful business as Indians are much likely to opt out at those joints. The clauses are all the same where you need to rent a place and buy the necessary raw materials for running the place. Permission from the concerned authorities are also a must.

  1. Travel Agency –

Travel agency comes under the business idea which can be opted with low investment. In order to help them in hotel boarding, lodging and traveling the travel industry agent can play a crucial role. In case of home based travel agency patching up with host agency is admirable. Back office operations can be optimized from the business.

  1. Photography –

The next best option of business comes the idea of photography. All you need is a professional camera with a professional knowledge. Then the investment will be much less. Sufficient time is needed to be pro on photography along with the marketing strategies.

  1. Tiffin Services –

Maximum working people do not possess enough time to cook food, therefore if you can make good food you can start on with a tiffin service business. You just have to pay to the intermediator who will deliver food door to door or by some other way around.

  1. Lime Soda Shop –

Lime soda shop is also a low investment business where payment is needed to be made for shop space and raw materials along with the soda maker.

  1. Candle Making –

Candle making is a low cost work from home business idea where you only need colours and paraffin wax.

  1. Insurance Agency –

It is also a low cost and low risk business idea where as an insurance agent you ought to have good communication and knowledge. The income of agents depends upon policy sell type and amount.

  1. Hand Made Gifts –

People prefer hand-made and gifts with customization. You can start that at your home, later on that can be transferred into online or offline store.

  1. Mobile Repair and Recharging –

In this case you need to learn mobile repairing with having small place and kits. The investment in this business is low.

  1. Blogging –

Being a low cost business blogging is many person’ livelihood where the need the domain name, hosting space.

  1. YouTube Channel –

All you need for this business is a machine and internet. Afterwards you can post unique videos and contents. After certain popularity application for YouTube channel partner program can be utilized.

  1. Affiliate Marketing –

It doesn’t need any investment, rather than that you have to become the affiliate for online stores or products. You can also earn commission.

  1. Online Bakery –

Here also you are necessitated to buy domain name and host space if you can make cookie and cakes as well as sell them through online bakery.

  1. Online Store –

Starting an online store is a great business idea where you tie up with the local stores so as they can sell their products in your portal.

  1. Event Organizer –

To excel in this low cost business, you need to have good communications skill and networking skill where you will meet sponsors, schedule performance, look for food equipment etc.

  1. Wedding Consultant –

This is same as a wedding planner who are hired for coordinating upon the wedding and plan with bride or groom.

  1. Used Book Store –

Here you have to rent a shop and buy some books. Main key is to buy second hand book in low cost and sell them in a higher value.

  1. Cooking Class –

You can take cooking class from home with a very low cost where you just have to buy some equipment and improve the culinary skills.

  1. Dance or Music School –

You need to learn dance and music along with a proper place for continuing the classes.

  1. Gardening Services –

This is a good idea where you need to learn the gardening services like lawn, water, soil analysis, garden decoration, landscape designing.

  1. Mobile Auto Garage –

It is a low investment business with the availability of mobile manpower and repairer.

  1. Real Estate Agent –

Good communication skill can make you a real estate agent where you can have commission by helping out in finding right property to the buyers.

  1. Placement Agency –

Here you only need the data of job applicants and can refer to the company. You can enjoy the commission as well.

  1. Custom Made Chocolate –

If you can make chocolate you can start this home based business with recipes, utensils, packing materials etc.

  1. Paper Plate or Cup Making –

Making disposable paper plate and cups have a high demand where you can buy or make it handmade and can run the business properly.

  1. Investment Advisor or Agent –

Here you need to know the investment market, stocks, bonds and mutual funds and become a registered investment advisor.

  1. Used Product Sale –

You need a suitable place for selling used products and then you can shift to an online base.

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