Digital Marketing Seems To Be a Great Career for The Present As Well As Future

Digital Marketing is all about promotions carried out in the Internet space. The self-explanatory term suggests a departure from the traditional methods of marketing.

Digital Marketing is entirely data-driven and easily introduces and promotes goods and services.

A broad Digital Marketing scope exists today as digital media is the new media shaped by the Internet as the fastest mass communication medium of the modern age.

The scope of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Scope

Digital Marketing and its components are leveraged for sales, promoting brand awareness, establishing new ventures and trade.

Digital Marketing is booming in all parts of the world. One example is the 8 lakh job opportunities it spawned in the first quarter of  2017.

Surveys predict that the number will grow exponentially in line with the rapid digitalization in India.

India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign is a grand initiative in providing faster services to citizens.

One of the reasons for Digital media gaining traction is the freshness it offers. It is a new revolution, as audiences are shifting from traditional to the Digital media.

The entire work happens on the internet. Therefore place is no problem. It can be executed in an office or home by a device connected to the internet.

Now every task can be done digitally. Checking bank balance; e-commerce, booking movie tickets and air tickets are some familiar examples. In this digital age, everything is now at fingertips.

Digital Marketing is no rocket science. New users take only a few days to operate the digital media. It is user-friendly with operations made easy for users as in a smartphone.

Eco- friendly: The digital media is very eco-friendly and cuts paper usage. Digital media also saves the strain of hard work, long processes and drawbacks using the traditional media.

High engagement

Digital Marketing Scope

The traditional media has become somewhat overshadowed by the online Digital Marketing thanks to high engagement. More brands and companies are adding emphasis to digital ad campaigns on the internet over television ads.

Small investments and big Returns

As far as Digital Marketing ad campaigns are concerned the investments are too small compared to television and print ads. That is why the high ROI lures marketers and advertisers.

Any advertiser mounting a social media campaign can easily measure the performance of a campaign in real time without waiting for long. The leads and online purchases are directly measured by the performance of the campaign.

Fastest Reach

Like radio, digital media is ahead in terms of fastest reach and is overshadowing popular media like newspapers and television.

In digital media, when something is posted online it turns trending in no time. This is because users of the digital media are increasing day by day.

Trending items easily attract human interest. The way virtual media influences masses with its new style is enriching the lives of modern users just as early morning newspaper used to invigorate the past generation.

Facebook’s news feed and Instagram are indispensable for the new generation. Thanks to Digital media ordinary individuals are turning into local celebrities by earning likes from the Social media.

Unlimited Jobs

The massive user engagement of digital media has unleashed unlimited job opportunities. The job sector has a got a major share coming from Digital Marketing Industry.

The statistics show the total number of job opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry had crossed 8 lakhs in 2017.

Expanding careers in Digital Marketing is attracting masses and aspirants are joining training institutes to specialize in digital marketing to become sought-after professionals.

The Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital Marketing Scope

According to job portal, it displayed close to 1.5 lakh jobs for the sector in the third quarter of 2017. That number is a reflection of the huge demand for Digital marketing personnel in India and the vast scope for the sector.

The industry is clearly booming and more new companies are coming out. Among the Indian cities, Pune is already a hub of Digital Marketing companies while many small towns and cities are fast catching up.

The current scenario in Digital Marketing is that the peaking of the industry will sustain for a long time.

Since digital marketing offers different specializations all will be having a space in it for a career. The options include the following.

  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Social media specialist
  • Google AdWords specialist
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Online reputation manager
  • SEO analyst
  • Web Analyst
  • Email marketing specialist

Digital Opportunity Leveraged

Already bulk of the organizations across industries is enjoying the high ROI from digital marketing. The study on Digital Advertising Spend by CMO Council says digital advertising is booming as the segment is growing 35 percent per annum and is getting more than Rs 3,042 crore (US$ 507.41 million).

The impact of digital marketing is apparent in startups which are competing against biggies at a lower cost.

Already big players in IT, healthcare and hospitality have turned to digital media for engaging customers for referrals and retention.

Supply Gap for Digital Marketers

What the market is now witnessing is a significant gap in demand and supply of digital marketers. Existing MBA courses are seemingly inadequate to give Digital or social media a deserved place in their syllabus.

That is why most MBAs still need fresh training to master digital channels for reaping rich rewards in the businesses world.

Understanding digital marketing

New courses in Digital marketing is making it clear that the specialization is at once a science and art with focus on people who will be needing a product/service and guidance to bring them to the right business websites and other channels.

Communicating the message that a particular company can address their needs well and converting that prospect into a happy customer is the success point of digital marketing.

Earlier, these potential customers were in traditional channels. Now they are spending more time in digital and social media.

The need for digital marketing

Digital marketing is spurred by changes in the way people communicate, research, interact, build relationships and do business.

Digital Marketing Scope

Customer behavior is evolving continuously as they yse mobile, apps, website and faster information in day to day activities.

All markets are spending more time online. This is best in targeting them effectively. That is why the scope of Digital marketing is never limited to channels such as social media, smartphone, Google search, email, content, or analytics.

Mobile Phones: Among the catalysts, the surge in use of mobile phones for communication expected at 5.07 billion by 2019 will be a great market driver.

Majority of mobile phones are internet enabled and make customers connect with businesses anywhere and anytime.

Effective Targeting of Audience: In traditional marketing strategies, it is hard to reach out to target audience with specific demographics and details.

Most of the marketing methods had been mass marketing. Today digital marketing is so customized that personalized methods can be successfully applied to target audience for precise results.

Digital marketing reaches out to the audience with specific segmentation in terms of age, gender, education, interests, personal information etc. It can use many other advanced strategies to target the specific audience.

Low Cost and high ROI: Most small and medium scale (SME) companies are enamored by digital marketing due to the low cost and high return on investment.

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