Simple Tips and Tricks to Begin with iPhone Photo and Video Editing

Irrespective to the any iPhone model, the iPhone camera is extremely brilliant. You can say that camera of an iPhone is a major reason that majority of people are a fan of this product. As iPhone has an amazing camera, every user of iPhone must be familiar with the art of taking photographs and videos. However, do all of us have mastered the art with it?

There are some excellent tips and tricks which you can implement to upgrade your photography and video editing skills. Want to know what are these? Have an insight on the following:

iPhone Photo Editing

Avoid Using Digital Zoom

Ensure to avoid making use of digital zooming while taking a picture from iPhone. Simply take a photo, crop it, zoom it in order to make it big and minimize the distortion of an image. Even with the slighter zoom, you can easily point out that. Rather than digitally zooming the photographs, maintain a close proximity with the object at the time of taking photographs. This is a realistic method of taking pictures which will most likely help you in taking good quality pictures.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

A basic rule of photography is ‘Rule of Thirds.’ This assures that photographs are taken in such a manner that they appear to be deep and aesthetic. This might involves leading lines, lesser negative space, laws of direction, headspace and many more. Making use of grid line display of the iPhone, your picture will come with better results than otherwise. Try taking pictures by adjusting the object location and see what appears to be the best. By this, you will have a good understanding of positioning of the object in the photography with the iPhone.

For this, Go to the Settings App < Tap Photos and Camera < Click on the Grid and Turn it ON.

Learn to Utilize AE or AF Lock

If you need to focus upon on the moving subject, for example – cyclist, kids running, birds, etc. make use of AE or AF (named as Auto Focus) lock to your advantage. This works best with the moving object for taking a stable picture. You can simply lock your object focus by installing iPhone photo app and hold your finger for a while on the object displayed on the screen. You will watch out one rectangle and after that one message ‘AE or AF lock’ and it’s all done.

Utilize Extra Lenses

In case you want to upgrade the camera ability of your iPhone, there are many options for the extra lenses which are compatible with your iPhone. Generally, the camera of an iPhone has 30mm focal length. Also, you can add on some extra magnetic lenses comprising the fisheye lens for the dramatic landscapes, wide angles for the extra-large frames and macro for the close-ups. You can simply find out such lenses available on the eCommerce website, such as Amazon.

Turn On the HDR Mode

Avoid missing out this. It is the easiest method for improving a photograph quality.  Before discovering what and how it does that, you must know about the dynamic range. It is the efficiency of iPhone camera for delivering the lightest and darkest of the pictures. It protects the output photograph from becoming dark or overexposed.

This is situated on the top of camera app; the High Dynamic Range mode efficiently combines the three exposures – a bright one, a dark one, and a normal one, thereby artificially enhancing the dynamic range. It paves the way for the extreme end of brightness spectrum and builds up minute details which you cannot obtain in a photograph in the standard Auto Mode. The ultimate picture is natural and depicts no signs of the artificial improvement. Remember, to take photographs with firm hands as this mode will help in capturing pictures in fast sequence.

iPhone Video Editing

Edit Out the Mistakes

Despite the fact that the speaking and technical error is all part of the editing job, so if you can figure out how to do it with the skill it will be commendable. One technique that is frequently used for editing the mistakes is to cut on the action. This method includes cutting from a shot to the second shot which is from a different take and different angle and this omits the mistake. Cutting on the action provides the audience an impression of constant time when they are viewing an edited firm despite the fact that the slots are utilized for the scene in the final cut would have been shot hours or even the days apart.

Use Transition Effects

This trick enables your video to have a smooth appearance when you transit from one clip to the next. The most essential thing you should not run over the edge with changes since it will bring down your video quality. iMovie makes it simpler for the user to add on transition effects to the videos. However, while doing such thing you must assure that a cut from one clip to the other is less disrupting.

Apply Filters

If you need a constant look across all of the clips in a video, must go the Settings App < Select Filter. This will get instantly applied to all the present and other clips added to your timeline. By doing this, you will make your video more enjoyable and interesting.

Sparling Use the Wide Shots

In the beginning of a scene, it’s generally important to cut between various camera angles so that the people know about the setting in which it’s occurring. Moreover, once the scene has been contextualized and dialogue starts, medium, and close-up shots hold most the impact for the people. The main reason behind such a practice is evident when you take into account that it is more spellbinding to watch speakers’ facial gestures and expressions since they talk from very close rather than a distance.

Color Correction

While making a video, color correction is very essential. It relies on the vibe of your video and with the objective of having a great color of video and the feel must match. This enables the viewers to perceive what you are trying to express. So, when you make use of iMovie for correcting the color of your video, you will be capable to take your video the next level and they turn out to be more professional.

While you don’t want to become a professional editor, these tips and tricks will get you the all the skills in the meantime. Enjoy and have fun!

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