Digital marketing trends that will craft online success in 2020

Digital marketing trends

Introduction: As we march towards 2020, we are all set to take a note of everything that will be a hit in the coming year. Marketing has evolved and so have people and with the internet having information about just everything, marketers must focus more on how to make products and services more people-friendly.

So apart from including the current trends and newer technologies in marketing, working out with the algorithms of search engine and social media, keeping people as priority is something that will work effectively for brands in 2020.

Here’s our comprehensive list of the marketing trends that you can experiment with in 2020 to get the best results;

Crafting Customer Experience:

Today’s customer is an internet-savvy customer. People are no longer buying products because you are telling them to. It has rather become a long term and research-intensive buying cycle in which people first check what they want and match it with a plethora of choices available on the internet.

Then comes the part where they compare for features and prices. So when you go for marketing, focus more on how you can ease the life of your customers with a personal experience that they just love and keep coming back for more!

When preparing your marketing strategy, keep in mind that people already have information about your products and services. What they want is an experience that stays with them. Put yourself in their shoes and see how the human element works.

The more that people will relate to your content, the more they’ll come back and tell others too. 73 % of people believe that they prefer products and services that had to offer something that stayed with them for a longer time.

So when your team sits for preparing your 2020 Marketing Strategy, make sure you place Customer Experience above all!

High-resolution Visual Content:

How many times has it occurred that you have scrolled a long written post on Facebook or skipped that text that had nothing to say about what it has in store for you? You might think that with the advent of voice search, visual content has been sidestepped, but that’s not the case. 65 % of us are Visual Learners. People don’t read, they scan and when they read, if there are visuals, they get the information readily about what the content is all about. Visual information is easy to grasp too. You can check Pinterest and Instagram to see the kind of reach that Photos and Videos have on these social media platforms.

So when you sit down for laying out your 2020 marketing strategy, make sure to include high-resolution videos. Tech giants like Google are investing in Visual Search and already 19% of search queries are answered in the form of images.

Use creative visuals and infographics to convey information and details of your products. Make more video content that is shareable by people. This will surely give more ROI with increased reach.

High level of Personalization:

No one wants to see someone wearing the same shirt as them on the street despite knowing that many people would have it.

This is also the case with other products that they use. With data analysis and people interacting with brands on social media platforms, it has become quite easy for brands to get data about customers.

Personalization is no longer limited to the same email forwarded to multiple people with names changed.

Interactions with people have to be tailor-made keeping in mind their preferences. Get data analysis tools to know customer’s behavior and their preferences.

Go a step ahead and cater to your customers with a personalized experience thereby giving them what they want. Before rolling out your campaigns, you can get insights on where the consumers stand in their buyer’s journey.

This way, the campaign message can be customized for all the customers lying at the same level in the sales funnel. This not only ensures that you are there for your customers when they want to decide on getting your services but is also useful in making your brand visible and the one that cares for people.

Featured Snippets and SERP Position Zero:

When you search in Google about Top SEO Tools, you don’t want to waste your time in opening the links one by one because you just need the names of the tools and not the details. You might have seen that when you are searching for such queries, you get a list in the top result and there’s a link to the web page.

People have the answers they are seeking right there on the first block of search engine and there’s no longer the need to click the link. This is called Featured Snippet and companies are after getting their page to appear here. The aim is no longer to be the first link on the page.

Google came up with Position Zero in the year 2014, and initially, it was known as Quick Answers or Answer Box to deliver information faster.

Google selects webpages for the zero position keeping in mind the relevance of the content with the search query and other SEO factors. And so your aim should be providing the information that your target audience is looking for concisely and addressing their pain points.

It is not necessary that your website must appear as the top link. Google selects the link for SERP zero from any of the first 10 results, the one that answers the query quickly.

The answer box displays result in three formats, Paragraph, List and Table. So optimize your content to answer the viewers in the nearest possible way that they want and grab the position zero.

Voice Search:

“Alexa, play the Top Pop Hits of 2019”.

“Siri, what’s the temperature in Ohio?”

This is how people are getting answers to get their work done. Voice search has a long way to go and is here to stay. As per Google, 20% of all searches are Voice Searches. And so it is about time to get your content ready for returning voice queries.

To do this, you don’t have to revamp your website. It can be done by optimizing your existing content for voice search.

Google usually returns answers with 30 words or less as a result of voice searches, so the key is to answer precisely. But here’s an alternate solution, you can create FAQ pages that address queries directly with short responses.

This also has the added advantage of getting your page to appear on the SERP zero position as it is now optimized for a listed result format. Make sure you keep Voice Search in your content marketing list to get your Digital Game on in 2020.


You now have a list of things that you need to take care of before we enter 2020. Content is still going to rule the digital world and keeping it user-centric to help your audience will bring you closer to them. Do this, and your customers will serve as your marketing agents endorsing your brand through word-of-mouth.

Plan goals and implement a holistic strategy including all the tactics that will work to help you climb the ladder in the Digital World.

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