Effects of Technology on Children

Technology has affected both adults and children, equally. And having mandatory subscriptions to TV and Internet in each household, such as Optimum Cable and Internet, has further aggravated the problem. Let’s discuss this further.

Technology has changed our lives entirely. It sure has facilitated us in ways unlimited. But at the same time, it has its drawbacks too. Technology has largely influenced our modes of entertainment, our leisure times, and the ways we did many common things. Of all the inventions and technology-related things, the Internet is something that people simply refuse to lose touch with. Households are full of gadgets and browsing and streaming have become the favorite and most common activities. When people move to a certain vicinity, the first thing they want to know is a comprehensive list cable and Internet providers along with their performance. And before they can even set up the stuff in the house, they need their active and steady subscription to the cable and Internet. If you are someone who is going through the same, check out the Optimum Cableand Internet packages.

Coming back to our concern, technology doesn’t only have heavy impacts on the adults, but it has equally influenced children as well. Children of this modern and advanced age are so different from how we (parents) were. The gadget-loving, technology-freaks that we call children have changed their interests and have evolved as much as adults did. We are taking care of kids that are technology lovers. But is this dependence and overreliance on technology a good thing for children? And how has it changed them? Let’s talk about it.

Change in Sporting Dynamics

Remember how we as kids loved it outdoors? We couldn’t live without playing outdoors. To an extent that if our playing time was not limited or our time to come home was not scheduled, we wouldn’t come back ever! This is how much we loved outdoor sports and games. But sadly, this is not the case in the world that we live in today. Kids of this Digital Age are more into online gaming. They are so addicted to their PlayStations, gadgets, and are not ready to let go of their intense online gaming sessions. This is wrong on so many levels. Addiction to gadgets and replacing them with outdoor sports is not good for their health, immunity, eye-sight, and so on. Losing touch with nature and living around artificial gadgets is not healthy at all.

Families should limit the time their kids spend on gadgets and encourage outdoor sports and games. They should schedule a time when kids are sent to play outdoor, with their neighborhood mates. So that they don’t lose touch with nature. Staying close to nature is very important for their immunity.

Change in Modes of Entertainment

Technology has changed the modes of entertainment as well. And this is true for adults as well as kids. Gone are the days when kids would rely on the television to watch their favorite cartoon network show. They own their own gadgets at a very young age to watch things of their choice. Even if you are not a parent, you would have seen how kids are engrossed in their gadget screens, whether playing online games, or watching rhythmical rhymes, or watching an animated or cartoon movie. In addition to these, there are a number of Apps that kids love to use.

Again, this is not healthy for kids. Heavy use of gadgets and extensive exposure to screens is not good for kids and their eye sights. Experts recommend a safe screen time for kids of all ages. So instead of confiscating their gadgets all of a sudden, just limit their screen time according to their age.

Anti-Social Behaviors

Addiction to gadgets and the liberty to spend time on the screens for as long as they like is something that is making them anti-social. Before the advent of theInternet, kids would spend long hours cycling in the neighborhood streets, playing outdoor games endlessly with mates and buddies from the neighborhood and school, so on and so forth. But ever since we have given our kids those fancy gadgets and subscriptions to unlimited Internet plans, they have become more and more isolated and unwelcoming to people. All they want is to spend time on their gadgets, watching their favorite stuff and playing games, instead of spending time with their friends and families.

It is becoming a common practice that kids don’t welcome guests and don’t want to spend time with people. Heavy use of gadgets is also affecting their friendships. Kids don’t have many friends these days, they don’t like to hang out with their fellow mates. And when they don’t play outdoors, they don’t have any friends in the neighborhood as well. Again, parents and families should work on their interactive skills and should encourage them to make real-life friends instead of dedicating all the time to their gadgets and playing online games with their online mates.

Lack of Creativity

Having search engines like Google to answer every single query conveniently has affected the creativity in kids. They consult the search engines and this is affecting their thinking, writing, and creative faculties. Turning to Google for everything is them dependent on these search engines and is decreasing their imaginative capabilities of coming up with their own answers and to reach the right answer with hit and trial.

Also, when they are not playing outdoor sports, they are losing on the quintessential childhood fun of creating and making their own games from their imagination. And hence they lack being imaginative and creative.

If you limit the online activities of your kids then the healthy use of Internet and gadgets for a limited time doesn’t harm. Carefully search ‘Cable Internet Providers in My Area’ on your browser and choose the best one for your kids.

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