Top 5 Email Marketing Tools

What are the email marketing tools?

Email marketing is one the most significant area to popularise your product and market it to the right targeted audience. Every email is valuable and essential. To market your product online through emails and messages, you will need a tool or software. Manually sending email to thousands of customers, having a count on the replies, keeping track of the business progress is one hell of a task.

This is where the tool comes in handy. An email marketing tool is nothing but a tool or software that is used to send automated emails, manage queries, autoreply to emails if needed, track the progress of your business and manage customers. It is a tool that manages the marketing section of a company or a business on the whole. The tool uses email templates and defaults reply patterns. It helps us build customer loyalty and conducting marketing campaigns.

top 5 email marketing tools
Top 5 Email Marketing Tools

#1 ActiveCampaign:

An active campaign is a highest rated as an important platform for intelligent marketing automation. The tools help you build customized procedures and techniques and generate revenue with ease. It uses integrated Customer relationship management to boost sales and improved marketing. The active campaign provides separate services for email marketing, sales CRM, automated marketing and messaging.  It offers a free trial version and an extended pro version which is paid software. The active campaign offers competitive pricing, and the user interface is quite simple when compared to the other similar tools.

#2 CoverKit:

CoverKit is a blogger-centric email marketing tool.  They are especially suitable for podcasters, bloggers and others who seek audience attention. The best feature of CoverKit is its look and feel. The overall usability and look are amazing, and it allows the user to create and share web forms and landing pages. The autoreply feature which is known as the autoresponder, in general, is called by the name of ‘sequence’ here. They don’t provide a free version.

#3 GetResponse:

GetResponse is the only tool/software in the top 5 that provides a 30-day free trial version. It is ranked on top concerning customer satisfaction. GetResponse provides a seamless experience for the user regarding user interface. The built-in webinars on marketing are one of the unique features.

#4 MailChimp:

MailChimp is a freemium email marketing service and marketing automation tool. The American service provider is the world’s largest email marketing platform and helps retailers around the globe. It uses your purchase data to send personalized campaigns by integrating with all the major e-commerce platforms. The mobile app lets you access information with ease.

#5 AWeber:

AWeber is a similar platform to the rest of the tools. Small business owners, entrepreneurs are their key customers. Based on the behavior of the customer, personalized emailing is the key feature of the tool. They use servers of their own to manage data and other services, making them independent and unique.

With all these things told, the biggest challenge is to know about the available tools and chose the best one for your business. Here are some of the best email marketing tools available in the market for you to choose from.

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