Essential Tips when planning to develop a mobile game

Mobile games are potentially one of the biggest revenue generation hubs. The digitized and internet addicted citizens are looking for newer and exciting games to get their hunger for some action-packed virtual experience fulfilled.

Add to that is the growing number of new users who are connecting to mobile telephony and hence mobile gaming. As per reports over 60% of new mobile phone users download a game within a week of their mobile purchase.

These big numbers have attracted firms in online business domain to latch on to this potential hub of mobile gaming and garner some additional revenue generating source for them.

planning to develop a mobile game

However, mobile game developmentis not that easy at it looks. Before taking on mobile game development proper planning and strategizing has to be done. A mere lure for revenue generation and nothing on the planning front can be the perfect recipe for a destructive mobile Game Development effort.

Planning is one key aspect that contains various elements that are required to be considered before undertaking a mobile game development project. Planning and strategizing has been the difference between games that are on top charts and games those who are not even able to cover their development cost.

Now, while planning a mobile game development project you have to be quite holistic. Bringing on those elements that are crucial for the success of the game on the table during the planning phase would certainly bring you benefits in the long run (when the game is published on App stores).

Now, you might be wondering what are those things that are to be kept in mind during the planning phase of a mobile game development project. Don’t worry you are not required to ask those things from someone (or even Google it) as we are going to discuss some essential tips to be considered why planning a mobile game development project.

So, what? Keep on reading till the end if you had that plan of developing a mobile game or are looking to venture into game development in the nearby future.

mobile game development

Have an Idea first

That is something very crucial during the initial stages of mobile game development planning. Ideas copied from some game or old and redundant gaming won’t do a great deal for you in this fast-paced and smarter mobile gaming arena.

Creating a unique idea depends upon your creativity skills and thought process. If you are not able to get something unique then take something that is already there and improvises as per your ability to create a unique element out of it. If you are looking for some inspiration for improvisation go and check out Candy Crush.

Decide the type of your game   

Deciding upon what type of game you want to develop is very crucial during the planning phase. Now, by type, we mean that whether you want to go for those online multiplayer games with an option for offline or you want a complete online or offline setup.

There are games in both types that have gained success and praises. Talking about offline games then Subway Surfers, Temple Run are some good success stories. In terms of online games that are successful PUBG is a good example from recent times. So, it’s upon you that what you want from the game and how do you present it to the audience.

Add a purpose to the game

This is very important to keep the users addicted to your game. Generally, a mobile gamer (or a gamer otherwise) loves to unlock new levels and achievements in the game so, as to keep himself motivated and engaged.

Adding a purpose to the game can be anything from creating a theme of the game based on the story so; that the user is motivated to reach the ultimate level to complete the story or it can be a career mode, trophies, tournament type mode in a sport based game.

Try to keep the purpose of the game something that is realistic and close to real life say, a sports game with a real-life game like feel and scenario. This would create good user engagement, after all, users are there to fulfill their fantasies.

Don’t be Kiddish

Yes, this is a fact and you better understand it well in time. Mobile games are not meant for kids only. As per the user data on mobile gaming not kids but youths and adults have been driving the traffic on mobile games with over 60% engagement.

So, the primary target would be those users who are driving those engagements and not those who are 10%-20% engaged. It’s important for you to note these things in the planning phase so, that the approach to development gets fixed perfectly.

Target the platform

Targeting the platform and its audience is crucial to be noted down. By platform, we mean to refer the OS for which you want to publish the game. Considering the users and traffic rates Android followed by iOS are the two most popular platforms that have all the games and Apps developed for them.

If you have specific target say Android/iOS or are looking to cover all those even the Windows OS then decide it during the planning stages. Now you may ask why? Well, there is quite a different methodology that has to be followed for the development of a single platform game than a multi-platform game. So, be clear in your thought process and target.

Make it easy going

Your game should be easy going and not very tough for the users. Putting a toughness level is ok but that should make your game a medium difficulty type gaming.

A very tough kind of game is good to engage users or excite them but all that is for a small amount of time. A user would try to get through the toughness of the game quite a few times before realizing the overdose of it finally uninstalling it.

Keep your game an easy to understand and operate. In this regards design especially graphics and other related aspects have to be taken care of. A poor graphics game is already a tough nut to crack for the gamers. In the planning phase keep a clear though on the design and development set-up of the game.

That’s it; we have spelled out all those essential tips which we think that you should consider while planning to develop a mobile game. Now, if you think that there is something you can add on to the list then you can surely do that. However, the above-listed tips would provide minimum necessary guidance during the planning phase of your game.

So, the next time you go to develop a mobile game don’t forget to include these tips in your planning and pre-development phase.

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