Important Parameters to Consider While Choosing an HP Inkjet Cartridges

Important Parameters to Consider While Choosing an HP Inkjet Cartridges

Sometimes, its a quite difficult to choose a most compatible ink cartridge for your printer. But, experts always suggest, to choose the branded inkjet printer for your valuable printer. As brands always offer a quality guarantee to their customer. Therefore, many people prefer to go with an HP inkjet cartridge. So, let’s know more about inkjet cartridge and important parameters of HP inkjet printer cartridge.

What is inkjet cartridge?

The inkjet cartridge is the main unit of an inkjet printer which is filled with ink and equipped with special mechanisms that transfers ink on the paper. Normally, inkjet cartridge consists of an ink tank, a cap, a print head and a plate with contacts for taking readings of the ink counter and controlling the nozzles of the cartridge head. All the tanks of inkjet printers come in a plastic form so that the user can easily recognize the filled colour. 

Components of Hp Inkjet Cartridge                          

  • Cartridge Cover

The cartridge cover of HP inkjet is made of plastic in transparent form. On the cartridge cover, you can see holes for refilling it. In addition to the holes on the lid, there are holes for air to escape and to maintain optimum pressure inside the cartridge.

  • Ink Tank

The ink tank is located inside the inkjet cartridge. There is only a reservoir in the black cartridge whereas three for colour i.e. yellow, magenta, and cyan. This inkjet cartridge is best suitable for low-cost printers models. There is one more category of ink cartridge where single and three ink sections are available. This category is suitable for the more expensive printer models that deliver high-quality photos.

  • Sponge Absorber

Many manufacturers place an absorbent material inside the reservoir tank of inkjet cartridge to hold and evenly distribute the ink. But, Hp Inkjet cartridges have automatic valve and spring loaded elastic airbags in place of the absorbent sponge. Therefore, with the print command, ink from the cartridge enters the printhead nozzles.

  • Printhead

The printhead is the most important mechanism for an inkjet printer. It directly relates to the quality of prints documents. In some models of inkjet printers, the printhead is not located in the cartridge but lies in the printer itself.

Comparison of inkjet cartridges with and without a printhead

In an inkjet cartridge with the printhead, the holes are visible through which the ink enters the print head located in the printer.

But in case of the cartridge without printhead, the print head is not located in the printer, but on the inkwell. It is a narrow metal plate on the bottom of the cartridge which consists of a set of microscopic holes. 

  • Print Head Nozzles

The diameter of the nozzle of the print head of the inkjet cartridge is significantly narrower than the diameter of a human hair. Due to the microscopic nature of nozzles, ink cannot spill out on its own. The smaller the print head nozzle, the smaller the size of drops flowing out of it. In turn, the smaller the ink drop, the higher the quality of images and other printed documents.

  • Printhead Nozzles Location

In various printers, nozzles are located on the printhead in different ways. But HP equips their cartridges with nozzles of the same size and place them in a checkerboard pattern.

  • Ink

The next integral element of the inkjet cartridge is ink. Normally, the ink can be of different types: pigment, sublimation, water-soluble, solid, solvent, and others. But, the choice of the type of ink depends on the technology of inkjet printing.

Only ink that is fully compatible with this inkjet printer should be used for printing. Quality of the used ink depends on the quality of a paper and a resource of uninterrupted work of the inkjet printer. Therefore, big brands like HP prefer in ink, a thin spectral composition, the presence of which ensures freshness and purity of shades. Remember, in order to create new interesting shades with the help of primary colours of ink, it is necessary that the ink remains transparent and does not change its colour when dry. Additionally, the ink must be non-toxic, environmentally friendly and resistant to fading.   

The table shows the elements that make up HP ink.

HP Ink Items

Items Features
Deionized water This is the main element of the ink, which forms 85-95% of  their volume
Pigment or dye The pigment is of two types i.e. solvent and latex inks, -The dye is a water-soluble ink. -Pigment-based inks can only be black, -Whereas Dye-based inks can be both black and coloured.
Humidifier It is used to obtain optimal ink viscosity. Its too high ink viscosity increases meniscus formation time and degrades print speed. Its too low viscosity leads to ink spreading over the paper surface
Surface-active substance It affects the ink wettability of the paper surface. It’s an insufficient amount of surfactant allows you to speed up the process of drying ink on the surface of the paper, but at the same time, it increases the volume of droplets squeezed out of nozzles. An excessive amount of surfactants increases ink drying time and impairs durability.

Inkjet Technology

If the nozzles of the print head have a very narrow diameter then ink does not leak from the cartridge. Therefore, to fall the ink onto the paper, it must be pushed out of the cartridge. Remember, every brand uses the different mechanism of pushing out the ink from an inkjet cartridge. For example, Epson uses piezoelectric technology, Canon uses bubble jet technology, HP and Lexmark use thermoelectric technology.

Special Item

The HP ink cartridges are designed for piezoelectric printing that equipped with a piezoelectric plate. It is capable of arching under the influence of an electric current. the plate reduces the volume of the ink reservoir so that the ink can properly be squeezed from the nozzles onto the paper.

Many HP Inkjet cartridges are designed for bubble-jet and thermoelectric printing, that are equipped with heating elements. This heat the ink to a temperature of boiling and help in the formation of steam. Therefore, when it heated the ink and the ink forms bubble it pushes the ink droplets out of the nozzles onto the paper.

Bottom line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you choosing HP inkjet cartridge. But remember, printers are the valuable asset of your business and good printing quality of documents can help you in cracking million dollar deals.

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