Fast Facts About Salesforce “Connect to your customer in a whole new way”

Business is changing at a rapid pace in this Digital edge where everyone and everything has connected to the internet. Thus, transforming the way we interact with our customers. Salesforce is one among the significant Cloud-based business applications that helps you stay connected with your Customers, Prospects, Partners and more.

Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Platform. Salesforce is the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem and the customer success platform. It supports us promote services, business to sale in the worldwide market with its customer success platform. Thus helping you to connect to your customer/client in the best possible way easily and quickly effortlessly.

Fast Facts About Salesforce

Products are nothing but services or items which you are selling to your client.

Sales cloud

Sales cloud provides you with distinct new ways to find the information you need to close deals, collaborate, and sell as a team. Additionally, it helps to manage contacts and track the opportunities from the first contact to final handshakes.

Service Cloud-

Service cloud allows you to deliver the best Customer Service Experience, track customer activities across every channel from online to on the line, Increase agent productivity and result issues fast to keep customer fully satisfied.

Marketing cloud-

With Marketing cloud, you can create personalised one to one customer journey and powerful multichannel campaign to generate leads and drive sells.

Community cloud-

With community cloud you can build vibrant, engaging communities that help the customer, partners and employees help themselves and each other.

Analytics clouds-

Analytics clouds enable you to make smarter and quicker decisions, turn big data into a significant advantage by covering new insights and taking action instantly from any device.

App cloud-

With App cloud, you can run your business faster in distinct modern ways. Both Employees and Customer are finding new apps that engage and staying up to date allowing things to be done within a secure, trusted and instantly mobile environment platform.

 IOT Cloud-

With IOT cloud you can connect all your data with the Internet of Things to the Rest of Salesforce(provide convenient and powerful API web service ) for better insights and real-time customer action. Because Salesforce is a cloud-based platform,  all your information is up to date in real time and available wherever you are. Therefore, you can even run your Entire business from your phone.

Facts of Salesforce

Facts of Salesforce

  • Salesforce is a successful American cloud-based company. It was inception in 1999, and it has been up higher newer and cloud-based services.
  • Salesforce went public in 2004 and has posted dramatically, increasing revenue year after year. Some of their notable clients include Amazon, alphabet etc.
  • Founder of Salesforce “Marc Benioff” was the vice president of Oracle when he left that to start the Salesforce.
  • Marc Benioff introduced 1-1-1 Model, as policy for his company philanthropy. In this philosophy, the company will donate 1% of their equity, 1% of their employee Hours and 1% of their product to benefit the community they served worldwide.
  • In San Francisco, the Tallest Building tower is Salesforce tower. In May 2018, a new Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is inaugurated. The building has 61 Floor that stands 1071 ft tall. The top floor tower offers 360-degree views of the city.
  • Salesforce is the 1 Company through the world providing the best CRM platform and is the first company to offer a cloud-based Customer Relationship platform.
  • Salesforce Market Cap is $98.75 Billion.
  • Salesforce recalled hundreds of their poster that featured the Dalai Lama. In 2003 to celebrate having one hundred thousand Subscribers. Salesforce sent 650 posters to their customers, partners, media outlets. Inviting them to spend the evening with Dalai Lama, his holiness was picture underneath the words. There is no Software on the path to enlightenment.
  • The Work Space of Salesforce is designed based on the “ohana” concept of the family. The Core Principle of the company is “embracing the concept of family”. Most of their workers don’t have offices or a desk, and they are welcome to work on couches, communal tables or other Spaces. They also focus on “Zen-like atmosphere” that’s inspired by nature. There are even designated mindfulness areas for recharging and social lounges which providing snacks and beverages.
  • Salesforce bought Mulesoft for $6.5 billion in 2018. Mulesoft is a software company notably for providing any point platform, which allows developers to connect Apps. So that, they can share their data and work together.
  • It listed as No.1 on the world’s best workplace list. For the last 21 years fortune putting out the list of the best company to work for, based on the different number of factors including benefits, company culture, bonuses, vacation time, all expense paid trip, a sense of purpose, management style and more.
  • They pay large bonuses for recommended new hires and employees to get 56 paid hours in years to balance in their community and gave $100 to each employee in every month for their health check-up and fitness bonus in addition to other benefits.
  • Salesforce Acquired 48 different companies since 2006 like social media company “buddy media” for $689 million, price coding “software company” deals break with 360 million dollars in 2015 and collaborated software company” crip “ for 750 million dollars pack in 2016.
  • The Salesforce CEO announced an initiative to provide a house for every homeless person in San Francisco.During the Grand opening for Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. The CEO Marc Benioff focused on the problem of homelessness in the city of San Francisco.


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