The Modern Feature of Google: Voice Search & It’s Impact

The updates that Google brought over the past years not only came out with the improved search results but also helped searchers to adopt new technology. The new technology here signifies to voice search and mobile sites.

The use of smartphones expanded and the companies like Google made their search engines better and better to make available the best results in front of the users. One noteworthy inclination that Google bought was capable enough to govern the whole game of SEO and is governing the game as well.

At present voice, queries resemble a two-way discussion meaning to enable a searcher to finish tasks from their life progressively, such as booking tickets and making a buy. Voice search has been used by a searcher relates to a user does not want to have the links but want direct answers, when they take an action by performing a voice search. In the true sense, there is a difference between the typical keyword texts searched in the search box.

It has been noticed that voice search has taken a good start with the great percentage of all total searches all around the world and the credit goes to AI Assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Bixby as they helped users with their various queries. With an increase in adoption and better user experience, voice search is expected to continue and scale up exponentially. All this has given voice search a position to come up with a searching standard in the upcoming years.

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How Voice Search Helps Users with their Queries?


How Voice Search Helps Users with their Queries_


This is the main question to be answered and understand in an effective way to hit the search of a user. Once a user clicks the icon i.e. microphone and has given his/her inquiry is served by the most relevant answers by the Google. To answer the short inquiries voice search is proven to be effective in presenting good results. A high number of users make use of voice search to come across the things such as notable personalities, best places to eat and other important locations.

To grab on how voice search is going to change SEO strategy it is must keep your eyes rolling on further through this post.

Google Hummingbird-one update that made Google changed for the long run with the accentuated semantic search aiming to create more accurate results through understanding the context and intent of the user’s query.

Before jumping on to whether it is important to optimize for voice search; one should first identify why the people are using voice search for. Many of the adults and teens are taking an advantage of voice search to request for call someone, check out movie times, restaurants near them or some people looking for directions.

Is it Necessary to Optimize for Voice Search?


Is it Necessary to Optimize for Voice Search


Well, seeing voice search growing at a rapid pace, taking into consideration the good reasons yes it is necessary to optimize for voice search. The use of natural speech patterns is going to shape the future of SEO strategy. Most people don’t type the way they speak. Soon SEO will pick up on user’s natural speech patterns.

Accepting the fact, voice search is soon going to shake up your SEO strategies it is important now to be aware how to achieve the search results and come across how to do that.

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Begin utilizing natural speech patterns- Make use of voice query research tools like Rank Tracker. As getting your hands on this tool, you will be able to type in keywords to help you develop language that better makes the reflection of the natural speech patterns of voice search users. To give your search rankings a boost, better incorporate natural speech in your content.

More Emphasis on Smart Phones-The rise of voice search, smartphones are becoming even more important to consider. As more than half of the search queries coming from the smartphones, better to focus on voice search in the context of voice search to boost your SEO. Taking a Google’s mobile-friendly test, you will be able to know if your web page will rank in mobile search or not.

Long-Tail Keywords-The natural phrases have been used by users in voice searches has started giving short tail keywords an ignorance. The ration of voice search growing at a high speed tends one to ensure that they use right keywords to imprisonvoice search. To hit the voice search, start involving very specific keyword phrases being used by people closer to the point of making a buy.

Schema Markup- This structured data vocabulary isn’t an official ranking factor as per the Google but can have a positive impact on your CTR. Providing extra microdata on your website, your location and website content can help search engine making available the richer experience in front of the searcher. Also, helping voice searchers get instant answers to their queries in the SERPS.

Brand Name-Your brand name an acronym or a creative spin, chances are Google might fail to figure out it and speak it incorrectly. For the brands that can’t be spelled into English, voice search can be proven to be a challenge. Try finding out the general mispronunciations of your brand name. Perform test bidding of those mispronounced keywords in order to improve your search results.

Final Roundup-The younger generation is attracted to the cool feature “voice search”. The popularity of voice search is exciting as it is simple and more suited than type out the searches. From the business point of view, local SEO should be a central part of future. As voice search leads down a great chance for businesses with a local presence. Just keep in mind mobile voice search is going to be three times more likely to be local-based than keywords typed in the search box.

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