Top 8 Health Tech Marketing Techniques to Engage New Customers Online

Health Tech Marketing Techniques

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With so many players on the market, it is not easy to stand out. But these 8 health tech marketing techniques will show you a way to superiority over your competitors.

The healthcare sector is rapidly growing. By 2020, global healthcare spending is expected to hit $10 trillion. With thousands of healthcare companies operating worldwide, some people still lack access to medical care. However, the use of IT solutions in healthcare can make a difference. By implementing the latest innovations, any healthcare company has a chance to attract new customers and enlarge their client base. The marketing techniques below describe effective ways to increase customer engagement.

Let’s look into each of them.

  1. 1. Write highly engaging and informative content

Whether you employ an app or website to engage with your customers, it is vital to write on relevant topics. When prospective buyers visit your page, they hope to get the most value from it. Regular posts with answers to the questions your audience is trying to find are an amazing way to boost customer retention. Here, it is important to balance between providing valuable information and promoting your brand. The best ratio is 9:1. Moreover, the content should be diverse. Besides blog posts, you can also add some research articles or personal stories if some of your clients or personnel are willing to share them.

  1. 2. Elicit feedback from your clients

No matter how large your clientele is, the number one rule for quick business growth is to gather and analyze customer feedback. If you try to move in the right direction, you should be aware of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will let you come up with the strategies that are fully focused on eliminating your vulnerabilities and harnessing your potential to the full extent. The most common methods are to carry out a brief survey or use a feedback form. As an alternative, you can ask your customers to evaluate their journey in your organization, but keep in mind that not everyone will be willing or have time to talk about it.

  1. 3. Host one webinar per month

Webinars are an effective form to promote brand awareness and prove your expertise. They allow you to engage with your target audience directly as every participant of the webinar has an opportunity to communicate with one of your experts. Webinars benefit both sides: customers get informed about the services or products they are looking for, whereas you build a closer bond with your audience. Although every webinar takes an extra effort to prepare, it can be your ace in the hole. Since few companies are poised to invest time and resources in this type of activity, it can be an excellent advantage over your competitors.

  1. 4. Build your brand community

Remember: birds of feather flock together. If your goal is to grow your client base fast, it is imperative to make sure that your clients have more benefits in your place than any other company offers. Loyal customers act as a driving force for your business, and it is desirable to manifest your interest and appreciation correctly. The win-win option is to found your brand community where your most loyal customers have a chance to engage with each other and get access to the unique products and services that are not available to one-time customers. By encouraging your clients to join your brand community, you make them feel exclusive and unique.  This will make them fall in love with your company even more.

  1. 5. Bring new customers to your business

This marketing technique is fit for businesses that cultivate openness as their brand value. If you expand your service lines, it might be smart to consult your customers on what they would like to see in new services. Their suggestions might be sensible and by following them you can improve customer service and increase sales.

  1. 6. Use social media channels

Social networking is a sure-fire way to reach out to customers and understand what kind of services they strive to get. Today, it is impossible to deny the influence of social media on users. If you want to build customer loyalty and promote your brand online, your business needs credible and conspicuous profiles. Moreover, social media engagement is an effective strategy for gathering feedback from the clients and generating relevant topics for articles and blog posts. In addition to gathering comments and likes, initiating polls, and informing customers about discounts and special offerings, social media are just a perfect way to stay on the same page with your clients and keep them engaged.

  1. 7. Add more video and audio content

No social media profile works well without audio and video content. Today, every customer expects to see bright images followed by catchy messages on your page because reading a dry and lengthy text is boring in the long run. For that reason, it is advisable that your posts be accompanied by relevant pictures or videos if possible. The use of visual content greatly increases your audience’s interest because twenty-first-century people tend rather to watch information than to read it. Besides, lots of media platforms like YouTube or Instagram are designed to work with visual elements first. As a result, such audio and video elements are likely to boost customer engagement faster than texts alone.

  1. 8. Celebrate company milestones together

There can be different milestones you can establish to commemorate together with your customers. For instance, this can be various anniversaries of your organization or the achievement of a particular number of subscribers. The main rule is to establish online marketing campaigns to keep your customers informed and involved. Additionally, it can be also recommended to offer some gifts or discounts to the most dedicated and active members in order to boost your relationships with current clients and attract new customers.

How long does it take to engage new customers?

It depends on how many marketing techniques you employ to achieve it. It is best to combine several marketing techniques from this list in one big campaign that will be held on different social media platforms at a time. This way you have a higher chance to affect potential customers and enlarge your clientele with new customers that are longing for high-quality healthcare.

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