Housekeeper: Your True Friend To Assist You In Different Tasks

With changing time the meaning of housekeeper has undergone vast changes. Day’s have gone back when the person offering this service was held responsible for taking care of somebody’s property during his absence. Or referred to the person appointed for assisting the people in family to accomplish various home tasks. But, in the current scenario the term is used in the broader sense and now days it is referred as the person designated to not only help in accomplishing home tasks but to take care of children during the absence of their parents. One more interesting feature of this person is that he is qualified and experienced in his duties and literally women candidates are appointed for this purpose.


Here it would be important to mention that at first instance a housekeeper can be considered as a nanny, because of some resemblance in the duties performed by them. But, the fact is that there is a vast difference in both of them. Nanny is basically a person who takes care of the children and look after their basic needs like food, cleaning their clothes, etc. They can be either live-in or live-out depending upon the preference of the family hiring their services. Both these terms are self-explanatory, where live-in nannies refer to the nanny that live in the home of family hiring her services or whereas live-out refers to nannies that stay at the home for specified hours of the day and go back to her home.

Talking about the housekeeper nanny it mainly refers to the person who not only takes of a child while his parents out of home, but also while they are at home and also helps the housewife in accomplishing her various tasks. You will agree that basically a nanny stays at the home till both the parents are out of the home and as soon as one of the parents returns back to the home, the nanny leaves the place. But, it does not mean that the parents will not leave her services after they return back to the home.

In-fact, there is need of a nanny even after parents are at home, because today as both the parents are working they have to share their responsibilities at both external and internal sides. There are various tasks at home, which cannot be accomplished without the helping each other, and therefore it is the time when they feel the need of someone who could look after their child while they accomplish their home tasks. In other words, it can be also said that as they have very less time to spend with their kid after coming back to home, they need someone to assist them in doing the chores.

On the contrary, as a nanny is experienced only in taking care of the child, she cannot assist them in accomplishing the different home tasks. This has resulted in the need of finding a housekeeper who is not only experienced in home chores, but also in looking after the children. But how to find a housekeeper in Preston and throughout the world is the matter of concern. Because, as a general practice there are only groups that offer the service of nannies, but now a days going through the need of such experts, there are agencies like The Northern Nanny Agency that also offer the service of a housekeeper.

The housekeeper provided by such agencies are not only expert in looking after the kids, their safety, their food needs, their cleaning etc. Along with this they also expertise in doing different types of home tasks so that the parents get enough time to spend with their child after coming back to home.

The person offering the service of a housekeeper stays at the home like a live-in nanny. During her stay he wants a separate room that is furnished with necessary furniture and will also require a few hours to live alone. Similarly, she will also need a holiday during a week to spend time with her family and meet with them.

In short, it can be said that a housekeeper has become as the necessity of time and a boon for the people who are always concerned about the care of their children during their absence and also assist them in finishing their home responsibilities accordingly.

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