How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

One of the ways to increase your online income is to become an affiliate marketer. More online business owners are discovering that affiliate marketing pays off, that is, if you are willing to learn and do it the correct way.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is someone who markets the product of other people and businesses for a commission. That commission can be pretty lucrative starting out at 30 percent and going as high as 76 percent, with the average commission paying around 50 percent of the purchase price of the product.

New affiliates who join new affiliate programs are given an affiliated link that goes to the website of the product owner. This special link is encoded with your unique affiliate ID and when you send someone to the product owner’s site through your link and they make a purchase, you earn a commission.

Your success as an affiliate marketer is not dependent on creating and having your own product, and the good side of that is you don’t have to deal with customer complaints or refunds. To become successful at affiliate marketing you need some basic Internet marketing skills and a desire to succeed.

Promoting Your Product

When promoting your products you should never put all of your affiliate programs together on one web site, Of course it is an excellent way to save money on web hosting but it is an unwise marketing decision. The best way to promote your product is to create a sub domain for each individual product. If your domain is and you sell shoes and widgets you might create two sub domains on this order: and

It is a good idea to include product reviews on all of the product web pages you set up so your visitors will understand at least some of what your products offers to those who buy them. You should also include articles that you write and offer reprint rights that highlight the uses of your product. Posting such information as an additional page on your Website will act to increase your credibility and attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.

Your pages should be compelling and they should include motivate your visitors to act on the information. Each one of your headlines should attract your readers to read more of what you write. The information on your promotional pages will increase their knowledge about your product and make them want to learn more!

Offer Free Reports

Collecting contact information by offering free reports to your prospects will accomplish two very important things for your affiliate business. It will allow you to educate your prospects and follow up with them in the future with more information on the products you offer.

To collect a list of contacts you will need a good autoresponder service. Create a report and a series of seven to ten autoresponder messages – something that would spark your own interest if you were the visitor.

According to research, normally a sale is not closed until on or after the seventh contact with a prospect. This is why you need to create a series of follow up messages. When people sign up to receive your report you will begin mailing this series of messages to them.

Creating Your Content Reports

Your main focus should be on important points of your product like how the product can make things easier and/or more enjoyable for those who purchase it. Be sure you include compelling subject lines in the email. You should avoid using the word “free” because many email spam filters dump email with the word “free” in its contents into the junk folder.

Make your best effort to convince those who signed up for your report that they will be missing something big if they don’t at least check out the product or service that you’re recommending. You want to also be certain that the content that you’re offering is directed toward specific reasons to buy the product. Your content should never sound like a sales pitch but keep in mind that providing useful information to your prospects will increase your chances of making a commission.

Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Product

If the person who visited your website has no interest in what you are offering, they will certainly be among those who move on and never return. To counter this, one of the best ways to get traffic to your product is by writing articles for submission and publication.

Statistics show that out of every 100 people that read your article, one person is likely to make a purchase. If you write a minimum of 2 articles per week, there is a possibility that you can generate as many as 100 targeted prospects to your website in a single day. Therefore, if you submit this article to at least 100 submission sites you could generate up to 1,000 targeted hits for your website per day. What this means is that you could possibly make 10 sales a day even after you’ve moved on to your next product.

It only takes a little time and a good plan of action to be good at affiliate marketing. The process is almost identical for every affiliate program. Once you have completed the process for one program you can move on to the next and you will soon have a good source of income and a successful marketing business.

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