Affiliate Marketing Made Simple With These Tools

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple With These Tools

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are a number of tools and affiliate manager plugins for wordpress that you can use to your advantage. Here is a look at some of the most common tools that established affiliate marketers are using to get ahead of the game.

Open Social Buzz

Introduces search on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn in real time. Write the name of your competitors in the search box and see the social highlight they have.


This content discovery application customizes your news feed based on your best interests. Usable only on iPad, the software learns from your feedback, providing you with better content every time you use it.


Use to find a wealth of relevant content about the world of Inbound Marketing. For those who work with Digital Marketing and want to become authority on the subject, nothing better than staying inside of this universe daily through the updates of this great site.

Another source of interesting topics searched on the main internet sites that can make all the difference in your learning. supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, RSS feeds, as well as virtually any other content from across the web.


At Alltop, indexing content is made from a series of publications considered relevant, categorized by themes such as Career, Culture, Interests, Health, People, News, Environment, Technology and Sports.


Do you think Twitter is just asocial network famous? It can also be very useful in crafting your content! Use the trending topics and stay on top of the issues everyone is talking about worldwide or at a particular location.

This feature is very useful in getting ideas about what you will write in your next post. Search for hashtags that may have some relevance to your specialty or to your business niche, to research what topics are currently of interest to your audience and potential audiences.


Find out what trends are around the world with the help of Reddit. Get inspiration for composing content on a variety of topics from across the web. Looking at the most recurring headlines on Reddit can bring insights to the subject of your next article, infographic, video, or other content.


Use the Buffer to schedule your content to be published on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to post in the time when you think you will get a better response.

Buffer also helps simplify the process of delivering content to each channel quickly and efficiently. Rather, look for the best times in your region for publishing content across different social networks. Each one of them has its peculiarities regarding the type of approach to the user.


A tool often overlooked for content marketing, Slideshare helps you create presentations that are very useful when it comes to getting attention to a product, feature, or service on your site. Slideshare’s teaching in relation to texts or videos is quite different, and you can get great results in the formation of awareness of your target audience in relation to your brand.


This is currently the best option for search engine optimization, among plugins for WordPress. It helps to improve the ranking of organic searches. Yoast works by identifying some important aspects of SEO in your content in WordPress, giving “tips” on how to improve ranking in the major search engines through some important changes.


MailChimp is one of the most intuitive features in its mode of operation when it comes to email marketing. You do not have a Email list? This program creates one for you and distributes it. You should know that email marketing is still one of the main means of spreading and converting into internet sales. So take advantage of MailChimp features, and watch your ROI grow.

Sponsored Ads On Facebook

Pay a minimum amount for your advertising and Facebook Ads can enhance the visibility of your content in the news feed. The most appropriate in this case is the Pay Per Click feature, available on Facebook Ads, which makes you reach a greater number of targeted leads, but without having to spend a lot on it.


It’s simple. You write an advertisement about your business, whether it’s a new product launch, promotion, or something, and PRWeb receives that publication and distributes it to the mainstream media with content already optimized for SEO.


This is software for user segmentation that allows a business to have access to an audience that could potentially be interested in its products and services. It is a tool that makes disclosure much more effective by making it easier for you to “talk” to the right people.


A Twitter tool that helps you indicate data so you can decide the best time for your tweet to be published, based on user interaction and visualization reports. It is fundamental for increasing the reach of your Tweets and links.


Do you know those pictures that are in places that are visible to everyone, where tasks and reminders are displayed? Forget them. The Trello does so in a much more effectively through a multiplatform application.


Evernote is an application with many functions which go far beyond a simple agenda. Widely known, for many it is the way to be attentive to everything that concerns your enterprise, and even of your tasks and domestic commitments. Use Evernote to not lose any of your productive ideas and also to not forget critical tasks, even through your mobile phone.


Use Pinterest to organize your resources, content from other publishers, and also your favorite sites, which serve as inspiration for your content marketing.


This time tracking tool can help you keep your content marketing efforts well organized with this software that helps you and your staff keep track of the time spent on each operation performed on the desktop. This allows the best productivity decisions to be made.


Map your brainstorm sessions to better understand which decisions are on the right track and what is not working in your content strategy using the MindNode application.

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