How to Design an Impressive Logo- 6Rules You Need to Know

Logo may be the most important way for users and brands to communicate visually. Users can quickly identify the corresponding company and brand through logo, and in many cases, logo itself sets the tone for communication between users and brands/products.

From color to shape, text to decoration, every element of logo can convey information, which is why logo is small but important.

As the most important mark for the user to remember, the logo’s design involves a lot of planning and thinking, because it needs to represent your business, products, and brand. Plus, you may have to think about hiring a graphic design service or designer to work on your memorable logo. So how to create an unforgettable logo in the right way?

  1. Easy to understand

Easy to understand


The best logo designs are usually simple and easy to understand, and possibly to become classic. The most classic match is to use a simple logo and company name.

Think about it, companies like Google and Apple have tried to use a simple logo image design to ensure that users around the world can quickly understand and remember. When users think of these companies, they can immediately emerge the company’s logo in their minds, which is an unforgettable graphic design.

The simple logo design means it can be used for a wider range of purposes and can achieve more possibilities. Like apple’s logo above, no matter what adjustments and redesigns are made, users can quickly identify them no matter when and where.

One of the most common problems designers have when creating logos is putting too much information into them. To ensure that the design of the logo is simple enough, try to follow the guidelines below:

  • Word logo should not exceed 30 characters
  • Stick to 3 or fewer colors
  • Don’t use a variety of design techniques or special effects
  • Avoid using plain text and artwork
  1. Clear design goals

The logo you design should accurately and efficiently represent the corresponding company or product; this point is very important. Every logo should have a unique meaning.

When designing a logo, you should be clear about the meaning of color and shape for the product, and the impact for the user. The color and structure of many logos have different meanings in a specific industry context.

  • Does this logo show the function or features of the product?
  • Does the graphic in this logo deliver the correct content?
  • Can this logo be used independently?

For the visual elements in conserving alogo, thereis a complete list to help you sort out the ideas.

  • Powerful: geometric graphics
  • Tradition / Complex / Formal / Respect: Serif font text logo
  • Warm/Caring/Innovation: Organic Lines
  • Fashion / fun / cool: illustration
  • Affinity: a tactile shape
  1. Rational use of color

Rational use of color

Color is probably one of the most important elements of logo design for two main reasons:

  • Color is the feature that draws the user’s attention to the design and can present the brand.
  • Good logo design can carry multiple colors as well as monochrome

In order to ensure that the logo is simple and recognizable enough, it usually contains no more than three colors. This design strategy coincides with the flat design, and MasterCard’s latest revision of the logo also uses a flatter version.

Both Material Design and Flat 2.0 tend to use brighter colors, and this color scheme perfect match logo design. But remember, don’t go overboard.

If you want to create a logo that is durable enough and have long-lasting vitality, you should not use too many fashionable elements or colors. Of course, it is not bad to choose a stylish color to fit into the color scheme.

If your logo is both full-color and monochrome, then this design works well for generality. Otherwise, you need to spend more time polishing the logo.

  1. Away from clip art

You have to recognize the fact that not every logo can be as successful as Apple’s clip art logo.

Every logo should be original because it needs to tell the user what the company and products behind this logo are. The reason why you need to away from clip art is that this type of logo looks a little bit silly and amateur. It’s hard to make people feel special. So your logo must be original if you want your brand logo to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Add some flexible elements

A truly memorable logo may take a number of iterations before it is accepted by the user.

In social media and other occasions, the size of the logo will be significantly limited. The logo is reduced to a letter or a shape, so the logo need to ensuring the connection between the web and design, and be flexible enough.

The flexible design is reflected in the adaptability of the logo itself:

  • Can it be used with pictures?
  • Can it be used in conjunction with slogans?
  • Is the effect still good after magnified or reduced?
  • Does it have mobile and website version?
  • If you have a new product, is it suitable to combine with the logo?

Here are some examples of logo designs:

Add some flexible elements

  1. Create your own Logo with Fotor

If you want to create your own Logo for your excellent brand. But lack of professional graphic design tools using skills and knowledge? Don’t worry! You can easily create professional graphics using Fotor-Online Design Maker. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides thousands of ready-to-use templates, making the design process super easy and fast, especially for people without a design foundation! With Fotor, you can complete your creative design in a few minutes.

Create your own Logo with Fotor

You only need to specify the type of Logo you want to create and make the right choice as needed. Fotor’s logo templates covers many styles and fields, so no matter what type of logo material you are looking for, you’ll find a suitable one and come on start your logo design right now.

Next, you can customize the template and use online photo editor to modify the template in the way you want. Or, if you already have some specific ideas, you can start creating a blank project from scratch, using your ideas, creating your own logo, and expressing your attitude. Remember creation without limits!

online photo editor


In a nutshell

Logo is definitely not going to be done overnight. It looks simple, but takes a lot of time to polish and modify, especially when you want to design an unforgettable high-quality logo.

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