How to Monitor WhatsApp on Android?

The social networking apps are free platforms that have fascinated the users over the last decade to the fullest. There are numbers of social media apps is available these days on the web and user want to use these instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp on their android gadgets. Android cell phones have got immense popularity when it comes to user-friendly interface and the use of social media app as  WhatsApp bring an exciting experience for users. On the other side, the huge adoption of WhatsApp social messaging app on android phones has forced plenty of people out there to spy on WhatsApp on android phones.

Who wants to spy WhatsApp on android?

There are thousands of people out there who really want to monitor WhatsApp messages of someone according to their needs. However, let’s discuss shortly the major reasons of the people that want to spy on android WhatsApp messenger.

Monitor WhatsApp on Android for parenting

The cyber predators have captured most of the social messaging app that can harm young kids and teens. Furthermore, parents are quite aware of the fact that what social networking apps such as WhatsApp and users are sharing inappropriate content on the social media platforms. Therefore, every parent wants to protect young kids and teens to the fullest with the help of WhatsApp spy software.

Monitor WhatsApp on Android for employee monitoring

The corporate sector where employers usually put heavy investment on company’s owned devices such as Android phones, tablets, and pads to facilitate their employees to improve the productivity. However, they allow them to use social media app such as WhatsApp to share company’s documentation on the social app to avoid secret data breaching. However, they further want to spy on the company’s owned devices and the messenger running on the device to have a proper check and balance.

Monitor WhatsApp on Android to catch the cheating spouse

Spouses and partners also use android cell phones and WhatsApp instant messenger. However, sometime spouses may get reservations and they also want to keep an eye on their partner’s WhatsApp activities to the fullest to avoid cheating from their partner. Therefore, they want to have a tool that is equally powerful to spy on Android phone and as well as on the Whatsapp messenger to the fullest.

Monitor WhatsApp on Android using Android spy app


All you need to do is to install the android surveillance software on your target android device. You have to subscribe to the cell phone monitoring app for Android and then you will receive credentials. Now install the phone spy app for androids and activate it on the phone. Furthermore, you just need to use the credentials and get access to the online dashboard of the cell phone tracking app. However, if you are personally using iPhone then you can install the TOS – Dashboard app on your cell phone home screen and can monitor WhatsApp social messaging app and get your best results without logging in web control panel.

A user can spy on WhatsApp on android with the help of IM’s social media of the cell phone tracking app for androids. It provides you WhatsApp logs such as chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and can listen to the Voice messages.

You can track WhatsApp social media app with TOS spy 360 live screen sharing with android monitoring software. A user can share the screen of the target Android phone to the online control panel in real-time and the user already has the access to it. It means a user can view real-time activities happen on the WhatsApp messenger running on an android device.


You easily monitor WhatsApp on android with the help of spyware for androids. It will keep you updated regarding all the activities happen on the target device along with complete time stamp.

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