How to Properly Update Device Drivers on Windows 10

If you know a little about how the hardware components on your system work, then you might have heard about drivers and there functioning. Drivers are the software which makes your computer hardware to run in compatibility with the operating system. In simple words drivers are communication bridge between a hardware and a software. We often get a notification about the update pending for our operating system, but we never get notified when a driver on our computer requires an update. In this article we will find out that what are the signs that your computer drivers require an update and how you can properly update them.

How to know that drivers on your computer requires an update:

Here are the symptoms which your computer might be showing if it requires a driver update software.

1. System crashes as soon as you attach or turn on a hardware:

First and the most common symptom of your drivers got outdated is your system gets crashed as soon as you attach a hardware or turn on any specific hardware component and your system get turned off. This is simply because driver which is responsive for the functioning of that hardware is not up to date.

2. You are getting some wired error messages:

Not necessarily you can understand all the error messages you are getting on your computer some of them are really wired and even your antimalware can not fix them. Outdated drivers can be the cause of such error messages.

3. Your computer starts lagging when you play a game:

Another symptom of the drivers on your computer getting outdated is your computer starts legging when you play a game. The reason behind this is the driver for your graphic card got outdated and when you play the game graphic card does not work.

So far you might have understood that how you can know that drivers on your computer got outdated now let us find out what is the correct way to get the updated drivers installed on your computer.

Basically, there are two ways to update drivers on your computer. One is manual and the other one is using a third-party driver updater software.

Updating drivers manually

Well manual procedure of updating drivers requires a little more effort and investigation. Here is how you can do this.

1. Identify the hardware component which is the root cause of the problem. Which means that you need to check that after attaching or turning which hardware component your system crashes or start showing error messages.

2. Locate the effected hardware component in the device manager.

3. Once you have located the hardware right click on it and choose update driver.

update driver

4. In the next step choose search for the best driver online.

best driver online

5. Once you are done with the download and installation of the correct driver it may ask you to restart your computer.

6. Choose to restart and your system will be fixed but only if this is the only hardware which was responsible for the issue.

You might have Noticed that identifying the hardware which was responsible for the issue is not an easy job, so you may need a software to do this.

Updating drivers using a third-party software:

The fact is updating drivers using a third-party driver updater software is comparatively easy and quick. There are lots of driver updater software in market which can do this for you. While choosing a driver updater software you should keep in mind that it should be the one which is capable to take backup before implementing any changes. Here we are describing working of one of such software. You can use it to update your drivers safely.

Download Advanced driver updater from the official website. Once you are done with the download and installation you will be on the home screen of the software. Here you will see the status of all the drivers installed on your computer. If you want to update them all in just one click, then you can do this from here. The software takes backup of your drivers before installing new and create a system restore point. Another best thing about this software is that you can manually choose for which hardware you want to update drivers.

This is how you can get best drivers on your computer. you should not ignore driver updates for the smooth functioning of your computer. And the best way to update drivers is a driver updater software.

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