How WordPress Developer Can Optimize WordPress Sites

How to Optimize WordPress Sites

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS platform across the globe. According to a study, it covers 31% of the Internet now. It has easier plugins and tools to use, which leads to a huge demand for the WP developers. However, a few issues may occur with the optimization of WordPress sometimes may be due to some errors in its older version or bugs. To keep a check on the optimization of your WP site one can take the services from a professional WordPress development Company.

Let us now check out some actionable tips that will facilitate in making your WordPress site a brand and supports the developers to fulfill the requirements of the clients.

Some Significant Tips for Improving WordPress Optimization

Many times, it becomes necessary to hire a WordPress developer who has a good experience and carries excellent expertise in the WP sites development field. A study reveals that more than 75 million websites are using WordPress.

#1 Reliable Hosting: The website speed is the foremost things that the business owners must focus upon because if the website takes much time to upload, then people tend to leave that site. A survey states that the recommended time for the WP site to load is under three seconds for the year 2018. The business owners must choose the right WordPress development service provider to extend support and speed for the client’s WP site.

The startups can invest in shared hosting at first, but it slows down the website speed. To optimize one’s website the owners can take the private hosting afterward. Along with it choose the professionals that provide data backup, domain registration services, Google Apps Integration, free site transfer, unlimited disk space, SSH access, etc.

#2 Keep a Check on Plugins: Most of the plugins used by the WordPress sites are stated to slow down the site’s performance because of poor coding, WordPress latest updates, etc. Even these plugins can also affect your CPU and even server in a negative manner making it shut down. The businesses can hire WordPress developer to check which plugins are slowing down your website. The developers can use the P3 Profiler to find the plugin that is slowing your WP site.

Even the routine maintenance and monitoring of the plugins will reduce the possibility of the sites from getting hacked. The updated versions of the plugins are secure and fast as compared to the older versions.

#3 Image Uploading: The optimization of the images will facilitate the seamless working of the WordPress site. The image must fit within the dimensions of the site and must be light on the storage space. The images of your sites can be optimized using a few tools available online. Even a smaller or a good image that fits directly within the layout is also an excellent way of optimizing your site’s performance. The developers can make the images small accordingly without losing their quality. The images work well as a tool for optimizing individual web pages.

#4 Get a Faster Theme: The WordPress development company professionals can facilitate and support the business owners in choosing the right WordPress theme for their business site. This will help in establishing a brand name for them. The theme plays a vital role in optimizing the WP site. The professional theme that has a great blend of content and images and is coded well can be optimized significantly.

A robust theme will not lay an impact and excess load that as a result will fasten up the loading time of the WP site. The main idea is to use the simple yet excellent theme for the client’s website. As the loading time and speed go hands in hands so these themes are crafted to render the best UI and UX experience to users and the business owners.

#5 Lower Down the HTTP Requests: When an immediate user or target audiences opens the specific website, their browser downloads the JavaScript, CSS, and images that eventually displays the web page. The set of these files are known as the ‘HTTP Requests’. It depends upon the module, plugins, size of images, and the code of the site.

Moreover, the users must also use the add-ons in a minimal way or delete them if they are not using them. The developers must also check out the plugins that they use extensively and reduce them neither it will directly affect the optimization and speed of the WordPress website.

#6 Installing an Efficient ‘Database Console’: The single and effective database console will aid in WordPress Optimization and make the site load free. So, it becomes mandatory to install a proficient database console system that is creating a buzz in the market and certified by the industry experts. The businesses can also hire WordPress developer who can support the leveraging of the elements and add-ons on the WP site.

In case, Database Console is not installed then it can lead to the heavy database system. It is important that the developers must also keep an eye on the web page sizes along with the database system. Experts indicate that in 2018, the recommended web page size must be under 500 KB. Even the developers working for the client’ site can install the WordPress plugins like WP-DB Manager or WP-Optimize for proper optimization of the website. These plugins will facilitate in managing:

  • Spam
  • Tables
  • Drafts
  • Post Revisions
  • Setting the dates for updating the database


To sum up, there are many other significant tips also to optimize the working of the WordPress websites but the developers must be aware of these most common tips too. This will definitely help the business owners to possess the unique and flawless website that their immediate audience will also love.

The expert developers who are abreast with changing needs and requirements in the WordPress can carry out the optimization work quickly. The WordPress website optimization is not a rocket science, but the developers must acknowledge the industrial changes and inculcate them.

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