Steps To Take If The IPhone Fails To Charge

IPhone Fails To Charge

There are so many times when the battery fails to charge or might get charged slowly. You may even come across alert message that the phone fails to get charged even when you are using the chargers. What to do during such crucial stages? It is time to find out more.

Plug into the power channel:

There are times when you are trying to charge your latest iPhone models wirelessly. For that, be sure that you can easily charge with the USB adapter and the apple charger cable, available with the device. If that seems to work pretty fine, you can get help with the wireless charging as well. For using any third party accessory, be sure to check if that product is Apple certified. To charge the device, you have to get hands on USB cable and USB power adapter. For that, there are some simple steps for you to address.

  • You need to connect the iPad, iPhone or even the iPod touch to Apple 30 pins to USB cable o the Lightning to USB cable.
  • After that you can plug into wall power outlet, computer or the power accessory.
  • You can try plugging into the charging cable into USB wall adapter. Later, you can plug in the adapter into wall socket.
  • In terms of computer, you can plug the charging cable into USB 3.0 or 2.0 port on computer, which is not in sleeping mode. Avoid using USB ports on keyboards.
  • When it comes to power accessory, you have to plug cable into powered docking station, USB hub or any other Apple certified accessory.

As your battery starts charging, you can see that lightning bolt beside battery icon in status bar.

If the device charges slowly:

There are some simple steps for you to follow if the device is getting charged very slowly or it actually fails to charge at all.

  • For the first step, you need to check your UB adapter and charging cable for any damage signs like bent prongs or breakage. Do not ever use any damaged accessory at all.
  • Use wall power outlet and check out for any connections between USB wall adapter, charging cable, wall outlet or you can try a different one.
  • Remove any form of debris from charging port on bottom of device and then plug charging cable into device. If the charging port is damaged, you need to take your device for a servicing.
  • You have to get the device get charged for at least half an hour. After that, force restarts your iPhone or the Apple device.
  • Later, you need to get the device charge for another half an hour. Even after that it fails, you have to take the device, charging adapter and cable to the Apple retail outlet or any authorized service center for immediate help.

Taking the Apple product in an authorized center is the last thing or approach you can ask for. But first, checking out the points is actually important if you don’t want to lose any extra bucks while servicing the charging unit.

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