How Your Website Images Can be Used as a Great Link Building Source

A Picture is worth Thousand Words and in the SEO world it is true that the worthy picture can help you build thousands of links. A single image, meme or infographic can become viral and famous, and can prove to be a substantial link building tool that may result into more traffic, leads, and sales. It’s crazy to even think that a single image can have 5X more referring domains than the other most important pages of a website

Images Can be Used as a Great Link Building Source

Images can be used in many waysfor online marketing and as a link building strategy such as:

  • Photographs (landscapes, products)
  • Drawings/illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Typography
  • Cinemographs
  • Memes
  • GIF (Graphics interchange format)

With the help of these image forms we create as much unique and interactive content a build a link to it.

Infographic link building

Infographic is a visual picture presentation to present information beautifully and clearly. In last few years Infographic become an increasing trend and ease to attain more clicks, social shares and links on it. As far as SEO concerns it also helps   in generating unique content and connect with your target audience suitably.

Some methods that can be used to promote info-graphics are:

  • Manual email outreach to bloggers who might find the infographic useful for their website and users.
  • Social outreach to influencers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, Pinterest.
  • Submission ofInfo-graphic on directories or social profiles such as visually, daily infographic, buzz feed, etc.
  • Providing embed codes to make linking easier for bloggers.
  • Post images using your URL for your guest blog posts and build links
  • Adding original images in guest posts (For e.g. screenshots) is a tremendous incentive for blogs where you’ll be submitting a guest post. So, except using images as an attachment when you’re sending out guest post only submit an entire post in HTML format, in which link(s) for your pictures will be already embedded within the article. While doing this, quickly build a link on it, which leads to diversify in your link types. Better way of doing that is to use alt-text, image description and image filename to enhance your images’ visibility on Google’s image search.

Here is the list of few important websites where you can promote your infographic and build links.

Image bookmarking sites for link building

There are many image bookmarking sites available on the web which can be used to promote your great linkable and interactive images, which is again a good source of building diversify links on your website. By proper using of proper meta tags, titles, description on image is incredibly valuable to search engines traffic.

Few examples Flickr, Imagefave,FFFFound, Dropular, Imageloop.

Memes for Link Building

  • Now a day’s memes are very trendy for online marketing, and it is the best way to show your humor, as they have the high potentials to get viral in internet market and strike your target audience well. A well-crafted meme is displaying your message and attract an audience immediately, and it would also increase your CTR.
  • Once you have your meme related to your industry or the target audience you can start spreading social sites such as Facebook Groups, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Pinterest, 9gag, Tumblr, etc., and reach the blogger, guest postings and build your link empire.

Pinterest for Link building

Year over Year Pinterest is the next big thing in internet marketing. Studies have already shown how Pinterest drives site transactions and sales. It is also most potent social photo-sharing site as well as for viral marketing tool.

Pinterest gives you a No follow links, but it’s the best place to spread your image-based content, as it can bring traffic and conversions to anywebsite.

The types of images go viral on Pinterest are:

  • Infographics
  • Product images
  • Instructional
  • Memes
  • Humorous quotes

Here are few tips on how to efficiently market your images on Pinterest:

  • By doing some research, check out the most pinned images in your industry, niche,and category to get a better knowledge of the types and concepts of images that work best in the community you are about to engage.
  • Choose the ‘create new pin’ option and enter the URL of your website or blog. Pinterest gives your image a small description and includes the keyword of the page where the image lands and a direct link to the page.
  • Submit only visually appealing images, and cross-promote your boards/pins through your other social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and much more as the more you have attractive imagesshared, the better chances of getting them repined and benefit for an image.
  • Use descriptive and targeting keywords for your boards according to user’s intent so it would be better chances of showing up in Pinterest’s search results.
  • Use of “pin button” on pages where your useful images can continuously increase the number of pins that your pictures can get.


There are many ways of doing link buildings to generate traffic to your website. The primary concern is focused on quality content and authoritative links. So, by following all the points as mentioned above link building from images can be one of the best methods to diversify your links campaign. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to Digital Marketing Agency.

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