Identify 10 Best SEO Tactics to Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

In the digital world, SEO plays an essential role in making strategies for all kinds of businesses. Knowing your competitor’s plans is important for running your business, and fortunately, it is not difficult to learn competitor’s activities in today’s digital business environment.

Best SEO Tactics

Why a Competitor’s analysis is important?

Are you thinking to enter a market with a new business idea which will be going to be new for everyone or there is no chance that someone could do better than that? These phenomena seem easy but the reality is quite different.

Every business owner knows how to run their business and they are doing it well. It is important to perform a competitor’s analysis regularly. We often underestimate our competitors by considering our products and services more attractive. Isn’t it dangerous? Well, there may be another brand offering the same services as yours. You just need to know how they are using these marketing strategies. This is not the end, you need to dig deeper!

Essential SEO tactics for Competitor Analysis

To begin the competitive analysis, first, you need to know your competitors. Focus on both direct and indirect competitors such as your industry competitors as well as others showing on the search engine result page (SERP).

Here are several SEO tactics that will help the one to remain in the competition. Let’s go deeper!

Focus on keyword research

There are certain keywords in the industry that every competitor is targeting so you should target them too as a part of your strategy. If it is not suitable then add a line for a content strategy and incorporate these terms to site pages or you can build new content to support keywords.

Use Competitive data

Use a variety of SEO tools for focusing on your competitors. Although keywords are crucial to SEO strategy, they are not the only necessity to come out in a competitive analysis. Competitive data supports you in revealing areas of opportunity on your websites like backlines, site speed, and authority.

Keep viewing competitor’s backlink profiles

Well, it is important to monitor the backlink profile of your website to prevent negative SEO outcomes and you should also keep close concentration on changes your competitors are building in their link.

Often, advanced SEO techniques are not generally publicized. One can easily focus on backlink profiles of competitors by using tools like Majestic SEO, Open site explorer, etc. These tools explore new linking strategies your competitors are using.

Check the On-site SEO activities of your Competitors

Monitor the on-site optimization efforts of your competitors. If anyone of your competitors suddenly changes their SEO activities, then there appear to possible scenarios to you:

  • Maybe they have discovered a new way of optimizing their web pages in the search result.
  • Or in response to plenty from the search engine, they may be updating their pages accordingly.

Concentrate on providing quality content

Concentrating on digital marketing strategies, the acronym ABC doesn’t mean “always be copying” but it should be “always be creative”. Whether you are concentrating on SEO or another digital marketing strategy, the quality of content always matters.

The content on your site should be appealing for search engines as well as to their automated indexing programs and most importantly to the people who read your pages.

Keep your site updated with SEO News

As we know, SEO is a constantly changing field. If you want to move to a new trend before your competitors, you should cement your lead in the search result.

Set the time to check SEO news websites at least once a week and if any change goes through your eyes in SEO practice, take immediate action to prevent your site from ranking lower than your competitors.

Make use of Competitor analysis tools

There is a wide range of SEO tools such as; QuickSprout will advise you in driving more traffic on your site and another tool like SimilarWeb will show you how many new visitors generate in a week or month.

Follow Paid ads campaign

It is important to run a paid ads campaign, and gradually you will notice the efforts of your competitors there as well.

Just type in any of your competitor’s URLs, and select the “Advertising Research” tab. By doing this you can see their ads, total budget percentage, and the traffic they receive.

Go for Organic Rankings

As you know ranking fluctuate. It is a great idea to keep an eye on your competitors. Also, there are tools available like, a simple Google search for some of your keywords is all you need.

Take notice of who else ranks on Google’s first page and ensure including them in keywords and links analysis. And, if you see any particular website hiking the ranking, it could be worth giving a few minutes to check their site strategies.

Follow your Competitor’s brand reputation

Stay focus on your competitor’s brand reputation by checking their customer’s reviews. It can be a helpful technique to generate new customers for your business, you can also stay updated on their blog comments, local review sites, and by tracking them on social media.


However, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors and the above giving SEO tactics will guide you further in improving your website among competitors. So, it’s a great time to get started if you have never made time to research your competitor’s backlinks, paid ads, content quality, and keywords strategies. Aim for ranking high!

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