Importance of Having The Right Phone Number For Your Business


According to recent research, 90% of Americans prefer using toll-free numbers and 58% prefer the use of vanity numbers to local numbers on various services such as food delivery, hotels and restaurants, handymen, and legal matters. And when it comes to legal matters, would you prefer stressing yourself out with an unstable Internet connection just to browse online and complete a contact form to reach an attorney or just use a phone call? The answer is obvious and with so many things going through people’s mind, a phone call is more preferred to communicate with the business. A phone call improves call volume and if you are a lawyer looking forward to taking your career to a higher level, choosing the right phone number to communicate with clients establishes trust, builds rapport, and creates efficiency that could impact your caseload. A custom phone number, be it vanity or toll-free can excellently connect you with your target audience and here are five reasons why having the right phone number matters.

1. Improves memorability and enables immediacy

Let’s face it, the stress that people are going through as they try to make ends meet is enough of a hurdle so why should they add a burden of remembering your business phone number? Almost all legal firms have names that are difficult to remember and if yours is hard to decipher, you are missing out on clients. Look for easy dial numbers that clients can recall with ease and call whenever the need arises. In addition, a person looking for an attorney is going through a stressful situation and all they want is to call someone for help and if they can recall your number, they will definitely call your first.

2. Increases marketing effectiveness

The world we are living in today is becoming competitive with each dawn and everyone is working hard day and night to find a way out in their respective profession. Lawyers have not been left behind and most of them promote their business through different marketing channels such as radio, television, websites, video, social media, and billboards among others. We can’t deny that these are powerful marketing strategies that create awareness of your business but clients have no time to grab a pen and a paper to write down your contact info. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and choose a memorable number that will encourage potential clients to remember it and call you.

3. Creates a competitive advantage

The legal profession is very competitive with thousands of attorneys looking forward to serving a limited number of clients. Interestingly, they use the same tactics to catch the client’s attention and most of them spend a lot of time making their online profiles attractive with mind-blowing description and top-notch reviews. Unfortunately, clients are not interested in how well your profile is but how easy it is to reach you. If you want to be a winner among other attorneys, choose a unique phone number for your practice, which will get you noticed easily in the crowd. We can’t ignore the fact that people have embraced the advanced technology and find it easier to connect through social media network and therefore, take this opportunity and create awareness of your business online and have a memorable number that your clients can recall easily and call when need be.

4. Builds your brand

Choosing the right business phone number sends a message to the market and allows your clients to see at a glance the kind of services you offer. In addition, an easy-to-remember number is inviting and signifies how easy you can handle all legal matters that a client might be struggling with. Your profession is your future and if you want to succeed, invest in an asset such as a custom number which will speak for your business, build trust and demonstrate how committed you are with your work. Also, a catchy phone number creates prestige and a good impression of your business. If you want to scale your practice to higher heights, choose a vanity number with a specific phrase that declares what you do and ideal examples would be 1-888-WE-FIGHT or 1-800-HURT-NOW. Basically, exceptional brands tell a story and help clients to connect with you with ease. As a rule of thumb, keep your business name simple and avoid misspelling that could confuse your clients.

5. Eases referrals

According to researchers, word of mouth is the most important channel to obtain new clients. Well, selecting the best attorney is based on trust and many clients are cautious about spending their hard-earned money blindly. That way, they ask for recommendations from their families and friends who are quick to consider the number that comes to their mind first because they don’t have time to refer to their notebook for that hard-to-memorize number. In addition, an easy-dial number is better for mobile users so why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and take your profession to a higher level!

Bottom line

Without a shadow of a doubt, you worked so hard to get to where you are and achieve what you have. If you don’t want all your efforts to go into waste, promote your business and choose an effective marketing strategy that will create awareness about your business and remain in people’s mind for a long time. Given that you invest time and energy when choosing the name of your firm, website, and even logo, why don’t you also invest in a custom phone number that fits your business to enhance consistency as well as maximize your lead flow?

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