Insightful PPC Management Tips for Local PPC Campaigns

Are you satisfied with your local ad campaign? Are your returns satisfactory? The amount of money spent on advertising for a product can sometimes be quiet alarming. A good PPC management process can help you oversee and manage your company’s ad spend.

PPC Management Tips

A company’s potential can be wasted if their PPC management is ineffective. In order to be effective, and maximize your impact on the local audience, it is necessary to review the strategies employed by the company.

It is a good idea to engage with an agency that offers white label PPC management to optimize your performance in the market. This will not only save a lot of revenue you would otherwise spend on ads that are not effective in a particular market but also help reach out to more audiences locally.

A carefully planned white label PPC services agency will administer good AdWords for targeting, tracking conversions and optimization. It is important to remember here that if your company is planning to target your audience locally, you need to engage differently. You need to display your ads only for a particular audience.

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Targeting your ads to certain locations is possible through an AdWord feature called local PPC. Using this feature can limit ad spend on wasted clicks from people who are not within that target area. You will be able to increase chances of your ads being clicked by people who are eligible to receive your products.

In order to manage the local ad campaign, Google offers a feature called Location tab. Here you can get information about the clicks, impressions and the cost per click.

While advertising using local PPC services, here are some best practices and tips that you be aware of:

#1 Take a look at your budget

Focus on promoting the most profitable products or services using your PPC campaign. Identify the products that generate the highest profit and revenue.

#2 Take a look at your keywords

Identify the best performing keywords. Which keywords give you the maximum impressions? If you are not getting enough clicks for a particular keyword it would be sensible to create ad groups for that term.

#3 Relevant Ad Groups and Copy

If you want to make a big impact using PPC management services, create a campaign using ad groups that are locally relevant. Create an ad group for each set of keywords and ads specifically for that region. High rating for your keywords and ads from Google would mean high click-through rates and also higher conversion rates.

Tools like Google Trends can help you gain insights into target areas that are interested in your products.

#4 Local Call Outs and Site Links

Ad extensions provide additional information about your business. You can add a phone number or a link to a specific page on your website to your advertisement. They are a great way to increase conversions. Ad extensions can be made unique for the ad groups created for the purpose.

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#5 Don’t forget to add the Zip Code in the Ad Copy and Display URL

Add your ZIP code or city name in the text and the display URL. Fine-tuning your ad pop-up this way will let the customer know that they have found the product that they were looking for. Exclude locations that do not come to your target location.

#6 Choose the dialect used locally

Recognize the local dialect. Write the main text or the ad copy in a way that is relevant to that community. Utilize the local lingo to your advantage. Include regional terms in your keywords list.

#6 Convenience

See that you pay attention to the convenience, travel time, or location for your audience. That can be used to your advantage.

Using some of these strategies will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best out of your local PPC campaign.

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