Tips To Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads for E-Commerce in 2018

As Google continues to update its sponsored shopping ads product, it’s crucial for businesses to optimize their Google shopping management experts practices in order to increase brand recall, visibility and clicks.

Google Shopping Management

Here are some effective PLA management tips for e-commerce businesses in 2018.

#1 Ensure a Keyword-Rich Product Data Feed

In Shopping ads campaigns, advertisers cannot bid on keywords but they can include relevant keyword data in their product data feed because it is on the basis of this data that Google decides how to show your ads in relevant search queries.

Expert marketers recommend optimizing the product title and product description field with keyword rich data arranged with information hierarchy in mind. Titles and descriptions should be clear, descriptive and helpful to consumers.

#2 Furnish Current and Precise Product Information

Furnish accurate and current product data feed to Google every day since Google appreciates merchants who provide consistent and precise data. This can increase your chances of getting your ads served. Adding negative keywords is a great way to tell Google when your ads should not be served.

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Google PLA management professionals add obvious irrelevant terms and review search terms report to identify low-value keywords. You can use negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level and use the appropriate match type based on campaign strategy and goals.

#3 Create Strategic Product Groups

In Google Shopping management, it’s important to bucket products into relevant product groups because Google allows you to bid on products, not keywords. Separating products into relevant categories is useful because you can then set different bids for each group depending on how valuable they are to your business in terms of profit margins and performance.

For example, you can create a separate product group for your best-sellers and bid aggressively in order to increase their exposure.

#4 Include High Quality, Differentiating Product Images

Shopping management services providers know that product images play a key role in attracting users and hence they ensure that each product has a high-quality, relevant image. Instead of stock images, use a unique product image wherever possible so that it stands out from the competition.

You can also differentiate your products by making them qualified for review count and ratings. Ratings and reviews are collected by Google from multiple sources but you must amass enough numbers and send a request to Google to add reviews.

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#5 Take Advantage of Automated Extensions

Shopping management services providers take advantage of special Google Shopping ad tools such as automated extensions that show promotional messages in PLAs. They make sure that offers such as free shipping, price drops and buy-one-get-one-free are included in the product data feed because automated extensions use this information to show promotional messaging.

Implement these optimization tips to get maximum ROI from your Google Shopping ads campaigns! You may also get in touch with a professional AdWords management agency to let them handle your Google PLA account.

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