Internet Of Things will Change the Way We Live and Work

Let’s make a picture of future lifestyle with Internet of things.

It’s the year 2020, spring season, time is 6.30am and you are sleeping on your cozy bed. Your Air conditioning system and humidifier seem to be lowering their work, as your wake up time approaches. Now it’s 6.55am, Your smart alarm goes off with delightful music. At 6.59.59am, your main Alarm goes off, your smart assistant device connected to the Spectrum cable greets you first thing in the morning “Hello Ms. Angelica! , Good morning. I hope your sleep time was delightful. I am warming up water for you. Enjoy your pleasant morning bath”.


Now you are ready to leave for the job!  Thanks to smart coffee machines and toaster connected to your daily schedule list online, breakfast is ready on time. Now smart assistance says: “Temperature outside is 77°F, Don’t forget to take your umbrella because rain is expected. Have a pleasant journey to your work.” You get out of the home, The garage door opens by itself and your smart car which has already started itself to warm up its engine is now gently approaching you like a modest servant to serve you throughout your job expedition. It has already prearranged quickest route course to the office, and it has full data of the likely bottlenecks on the boulevard during the morning rush hour. Don’t be surprised if this fantasy comes true in 2020. Because, this is what Internet of things (IoT) is, which we will discuss in this article.

Latest in the IoT

As we all know the IoT is already playing an important role in our current lifestyle. The best example goes back to the early 1970’s when the first ATMs entered our life and created a new revolution in the monetary transactions. ATM system is already a very mainstream service for the payment and now it is on the verge of being getting replaced by more convenient technology through Near-field communication (NFC). In some of the smart cities, you already don’t need to have a wallet in your pocket while shopping or during your ride in the taxi. All you need is NFC enabled mobile and balance in your mobile. SONY is already enabling their all devices with NFC. Japan has almost gone full NFC.

Let’s not forget the acceptance and widespread of broadband Internet, like the one provided by Spectrum internet plans, is becoming more widely available, the cost of subscriptions is lowered, more devices are being created with Wi-Fi abilities and sensors built into them, technology prices are going all-time low, and smartphone penetration is rising steeply. All of these things are creating a perfect maelstrom of IoT.

Just a few days ago Google I/O has announced its upgraded version of google assistance “Google Duplex” which has the ability to make a call in your stead. To place an order for you or to speak to your parents to tell them about your life routine. It even includes sub-vocals, such as “mmm-hmm” and “er,” and can match the human voice outlines and pace of the dialogue. Imagine you have a Spectrum voice (which is already smart enough with its extra caller features) and it is in the control of the Google Duplex soon.

Hence, we can say that we have already welcomed latest IoT innovations that enable you to get more in less time. The war is already fulfilling large-scale tasks faster with the chance of fewer mistakes.

Overview of IoT in home

  • Smart TV enabled with voice assistance features already in our homes, i.e. Samsung smart TV
  • Smart power saver lamps in our homes, i.e. Philips Hue
  • A smart security system is making many homes secure. Many internet service providers have this category in their sell services.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are already cleaning our homes already there is a future plan to add them in the pool of internet, i.e. MSI fun robot.

Overview of IoT in work

  • Travelling has become cheap and reliable with a ride-hailing service that is adding delivery drones, cars and even helicopters to their transport list, i.e. Uber
  • We all know the about the online shopping, they are again becoming smarter and cheap, plus reliable business model, i.e Aliexpress, Amazon Inc.
  • Business management is becoming easier by connecting every branch and locations and their record by connecting it to one main server controlled by only a few people.
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