Requirements Checklist for Australian Partner Visa Application

In case you are the one who is applying for Australian Partner Visa, then to prepare your Australia Partner visa application you might need help from Migration agent Perth, WA. A professional assistance is important with your migration application even if you can easily give the information.


A migration agent makes sure that you present a purposeful application. Hence your Australian partner visa application will get approval and will be selected earlier. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will cancel your Australian partner visa application if you failed to send your proper documents and proofs. Any applying procedure will result in other costs and more suspension in your visa application.

If your partner accesses work permit and have employment in this country if he meets certain requirements required by the Australian Department of Immigration, then lawfully he can buy a permit for their partner.

Australian Partner visa is a permanent residency visa that enables the Australian or qualified New Zealand partners to stay in Australia. To get a partner visa in Australia, there are some aspects that are needed to be kept in mind by the people involved. This country has strict immigration laws which are meant to reduce the flow of immigrants from other countries. These laws are for the protection of the interests of the Australian and the country.

Getting permanent partner visa is a two-step process.  You must first be given a temporary partner visa, to be qualifying for a permanent partner visa.  Simultaneously, the applicant can pay only one visa fee and can appeal for both visas (i.e. Temporary and Permanent).

After two years of appealing your application, the applicant will qualify to make an assessment for the Permanent Partner Visa, only if you are given Temporary visa.

First of all, you will need to get married to your partner legally as you enter your application because your partner will be more than your visa sponsor. If you were not married in Australia and the marriage is valid in a country other than Australia, then usually within Australian law, it will be considered valid.  You must be 18 or older when applying for Australian partner visa if you are in De-facto Relationship.

But please note that there are some exemptions, like the same gender, immature or illegal wedding, which is not a valid union in Australia. If you are life partners but not married or intend to marry after arriving in Australia, get in touch with Immigration agent Perth to discuss the various partner visa options and criteria.

However, there are some documents that should be linked to the application for the visa. For further consideration, The Immigration Department will verify all the documents. To qualify for a partner visa based on your marriage, you have to show:

  • Must be sponsored by a qualified person
  • You must be able to prove that you and your partner have shared liability as husband and wife to share life and generally, will get married to your partner legally (the one who sponsors you). A valid marriage certificate or any other documents are necessary because there are some unscrupulous immigrants who with fake papers want to get a visa. Married couples are thoroughly tested to make sure that they are real couples or not.
  • Prove that with your partner you have real and continuing relations.
  • Prove that any isolation between you and your partner are only temporary and are staying together or not.
  • You will need to meet health and character criteria that consist of a clear medical and criminal record.
  • All immigrants have to undergo HIV and AIDS testing before giving this country a visa

The Partner should also provide income proof to show that he will be able to support his partner while living in this country. In this country, there are some standards of living that have to be maintained and all immigrants should be in a situation to prove to the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department that they will be able to keep them. Its goal is to decrease the number of foreigners who are going to live like beggars in this country.

In fact, many relevant issues have been given priority after getting the introduction of new visa programs, especially from July 1, 2009, to receive partner visas in Australia. All foreigners who want to migrate to this country required to meet these conditions. The Australian Government has the right to stop or disqualify any application for a visa that fails to meet the expected requirements. On the Australian Government’s Immigration and Citizenship website, one can find more information related to this visa.

Contact registered migration agent Perth if you want excellent and effective positive for Australian Partner visa.

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