iOS 14 Is Approaching in Fall: Unveil The Rumored Features & Release Date

iOS 14

The most exciting time for the iOS development community is coming this fall. Any guesses what I am talking about.

Yes, you got it right.

I am talking about the year’s most awaited event of Apple, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020.

Just like every year, Apple is going to beta launch beta version of the iOS 14, before launching the software for users.

Apple is already working on the features, they have planned to release for iOS and iPad operating systems. The tech giant is putting hard efforts to release the iOS 14 with more stability and better performance than iOS 13, as the older version was not able to address the user’s expectations.

Though there is time in the release of the beta version of iOS 14, few details about the upcoming software have started to trickle out. In this post, I am going to expose the rumored features and release dates of iOS 14. Let’s, start with when (time of iOS 14 release) followed by what (essential features) and which (list of devices the software will be compatible with).

When Is iOS 14 Coming Out?

We have months to go until the iOS 14 release. But, as we all know Apple releases its beta version in June and the final version in September. If we consider the brand is doing to follow the same routine, then we can expect

  • Developer beta release of iOS 14 around 8 June 2020
  • First public beta release of iOS 14 around 29 June 2020
  • Final release of iOS 14 between 14 and 18 September 2020

Due to the current situation of the Corona outbreak in the USA, the apple has announced that the WWDC will be held online only.

Now, it’s time to leak the secret you are excited to unveil. Yes, here’re the rumored features of the upcoming software update of Apple.

Excited Features to Expect from iOS 14

Home Screen

Apple Watch has a feature where the user can view all installed apps in a list. The similar feature the tech giant is planning to introduce for the iPhone in iOS 14.

Now, users can see all the apps installed on their iPhones and arrange them in alphabetical order. Moreover, users can set a viewing filter to have a display of apps with categories like app with unread notification or recently used apps.

Augmented Reality (AR) App

There are rumors that Apple is going to launch an AR app in iOS 14 that allows users to explore more about the world around them by harnessing the capabilities of cognitive technology.

Initially, users can use the app at Apple Stores or Starbucks. For example; if you visit an Apple Store, the app will display the information about different apple products.

The Augmented Reality app offers location-based AR experiences where QR code or iBeacon or AirTags work as triggers to enable users with augmented content.


There is a rumor around Apple’s highly popular iMessage feature. It is expected that Apple is going to introduce a variety of new features and functionality for iMessage in the upcoming update.

Message Retraction

Apple may allow users to retract the messages after sending them to the recipients. The message retraction will be visible to both the parties.

Tagging a contact

The updated iMessage is expected to come with new Slake like mention system where users can use @ to tag specific a contact like @dev. It is very useful for group chats. People tend to keep the group chats mute. When the user tags a person, the person will receive a direct push notification.

Unread Messages

We could see another feature in iMessage and that is marking the messages as unread. Users can easily mark an unread icon on a message and make them more notable so they don’t forget a task or request.

Typing Indicator

There are possibilities that Apple includes the typing indicator in group chats along with the support of /me command. Now, users can view who is typing from a group of multiple people.

Apple is developing a Catalyst based version of the Message app for Mac. There are chances the tech giant going to introduce some of the features of iMessage on Mac.


Apple is working on HomeKit feature development. It is expected that the tech giant could launch the iOS 14 with new HomeKit features listed below.

Facial Recognition

The tech giant could introduce a secure video feature as a part of HomeKit while launching iOS 14 in WWDC 2020. It allows to identify the people with the help of security cameras that detect the specific people and recognize the family members from strangers. HomeKit secure video supports object recognition such as animals, vehicles, and humans.

Night Shift

If Apple will introduce the Night Shift feature for light, users can adjust the color temperature of the lights connected with HomeKit based on the time of day.

During the daytime, users can set the blue lighting to match the outdoor light of the sun. In the night, use can shift to a warmer lighting tone. It is expected that the feature will be available on both iOS and Mac devices to cut down blue light exposure.

Apple Pencil

Apple could introduce the PencilKit feature in iOS14 that allows users to write the text in their own handwriting and in any text input field using the Apple Pencil. The device will convert the handwritten text into the standard text before sending it to any recipients.

For an instance, if you want to send an email to someone, you need to tap on the email text field, write the text in your handwriting using Apple Pencil, and convert it into a readable typewritten format and send it to the respective contact.

Users can use this feature for any text input field of iOS such as reminders, messages, emails, notes, and more.

Apple Maps

In the upcoming iOS 14, apple Map is expected to provide additional information to the users such as specific movie theaters along with IMAX show timing, locations having a good discount for children, and genius bars services provided by an Apple Store.


iOS 14 may include the Accessibility feature where the users can detect sounds like doorbells, fire alarms, door knocks, and more. It is a very useful feature for physically challenged people who have a hearing problem.

It could contain Audio Accommodation that helps improve audio tuning of EarPods or AirPods for users who have moderate to mild hearing loss. The feature will also detect the hand gesture with the help of the camera.

Custom Voice Synthesizer

The tech giant is constantly working to develop a new framework named “VoideProvider” that enables iPhone app developers to provide custom voice synthesizers. Developers can integrate the voice synthesizer extension in any app on the app from the App Store.

They can use the feature to replace the default speech voice and it is very important for the dialects and languages that the Apple platform doesn’t support.


The CarKey feature is already introduced in iOS 13.4. It’s an API that allows the iPhone users to unlock, lock and start the car using the NFC capabilities. Users can assign the car keys to family members and friends through the Message app using the Sharing feature of the CarKey.

It is expected that Apple will release an update on this feature in the upcoming iOS 14. The iPhone users can operate the car using their devices rather than using physical keys.

Fitness Apps

Apple is developing a fitness app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV users. Users can download the fitness related videos and learn about the different exercises and workouts.

The app consists of different types of workouts such as outdoor walking, cycling, rowing, strength training, dance, yoga, stretching, indoor running, and core training. The Apple Watch tracks the user’s workout progress. Users can view the statistics of their workouts on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is an integral part of the Health App that is available on the Apple Watch. Integrating Apple Watch with the iPhone, users can set their personalized sleep goals and view the achievement report. Moreover, the app also enables users with recommendations for improving sleep.

Third-party Apps

From iOS 14, Apple may allow iPhone and iPad users to set different third-party apps as default. This means you can set Google Chrome, Gmail, etc. as your default app on your iOS device. Thus, when users tap on a link or email address it won’t open Apple’s own apps.

This change will be implemented on music apps too. Apple allows music apps used with HomePod to work with Siri.

Apple is considering features to address the criticism that the brand takes unfair advantage over third-party apps as Apple’s apps are installed by default, more prominent in App Store, and can’t be replaced.

Well, it is not yet confirmed that Apple will allow users to make third party apps as default. They are in the planning stage, there are high possibilities they might not implement this feature in the upcoming release of iOS 14.

iPhone Photo App Integration

Offering iPhone photo app, Apple allows users to take a photo challenge into the Photos app. Users need to submit their photos in the app; the app will provide photo results and see the challenge result in the app only. To encourage the users, Apple is going to host the contest and offer cash rewards to the winners.


Well, I guess Apple is going to provide us plenty of new and updated features. But, of course, with these new updates, businesses also have to update their apps to make the apps compatible with the latest update.

To leverage the latest iOS 14 update for your iPhone app, make sure you hire iPhone app developers who have a track record in adopting all the new updates at the earliest stage. Get ready to rock on the App Store by considering the exciting features of iOS 14 for your existing or upcoming iPhone apps.

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