Is Your Old Landlines Really An Old World Relic?


Technology is rapidly changing, getting better and attaining new heights every single day. Cell phones are becoming faster, and come equipped with data transfer capabilities that old landlines lack.

Indeed, the old telephone sets that we remember have become obsolete. For the traditional landline to survive the current technological revolution, new advancements are a necessity.

Landlines Are Becoming a Thing of the Past!

Landline telephones are becoming more obscure each day. Although there are some appealing arguments that backup doing away with the traditional phone–no more telephone poles, for one–there are actually distinct advantages that a landline has.

According to research done in 2015, 50% of American households use cellular networks as their primary mode of communication. Among these, people between the ages of 18-25 saw no need for a landline. They were accustomed to cell phones, even with all of their limitations. Another reason for the decline of landlines involves the rise of cable/internet providers like Time Warner, Xfinity internet, and Comcast. All of these companies are in competition with landline providers.

But again, landlines are still in use, and there are many ways in which consumers can benefit from them. Some of these reasons are outlined below.

Reliability in Emergencies

Daily life is getting to be more fast-paced all the time, but there are still some very basic issues that are faced by countries all over the world. One such issue is routine, mass electrical failure.

Landlines keep working through power outages, as they do not generally require a power cable to connect a call. This means that landlines can be a lifesaver in areas prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters. If any such incident occurs, a 911 call can be readily made, alerting the proper authorities, who in turn will trace the call and the caller’s location.

According to the FCC, a call made through a cell phone is tracked to the closest cellular site. With a landline call, an exact location is easily traced, making it easier for rescue workers.

Cost and Quality

When a landline connection is joined with a cable and internet connection, the cost of using the landline decreases. Also, the quality of a landline call is much clearer than that of a cell phone call. This is of the utmost importance if you have to spend significant time on the phone or if you suffer from a hearing disability.

Landlines also usually offer better international calling rates. Any such call made through a cell phone can incur significant charges.

Security and Simplification

Most home security systems need an active landline to function. Wireless security systems may have their own perks, but in areas where extreme weather conditions persist, wireless systems are more likely to lose functionality.

The same goes for cell phones, which are dependent on weather conditions. Taking into consideration the fact that all wireless devices need charging, in the absence of a proper source of power, any such device can go through failure.

Child and Home Safety

When you have young children who are not yet responsible enough to handle their own cell phone, it can become an issue when you have to leave them at home under the supervision of an older sibling or caretaker. Owning a landline actually takes the worry away, since they can stay in touch in case of emergency.

So it might still be years before landlines completely fade from existence. Indeed, we may see some new changes to the old bygone era of wired telephones.


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