10 Logo Design Tips for Small Startups

It is a courageous act to finally leave your repetitious job and start working towards your goal of starting your own business. Starting your own business is a very exciting yet demanding task. You need to think about various aspects of the process, predict and resolve many issues in advance, and make several quick decisions. Two major elements that cause some real hassle in the process are investment budget and branding. You need to estimate the budget and strategize your finances in a way that will cost you minimum and return with huge profits. You have to come up with a strong branding strategy in order to make a good first impression.

Talking about branding, the logo is the most important and tough part of branding as it has a big impact on the potential market and a slightest of the mistake can affect your marketing strategy. You need to choose a small and effective image or text based logo design that will encompass all your business values without being overwhelming. You need to convey a powerful brand imagein order to have an impact on the audience. Because the fact is that people who come across your product or advertisements of your product, get to see your brand logo before they see any other details. So, a logo plays a very basic role in setting up a specific brand image to attract your potential buyers.

This article is to present you with 10 logo design tips for small startups that will help you have a good start.

10 Logo Design Tips for Small Startups

1. How to Do It without Spending Too Much

Small business owners often look for ways to cut off their expenses because it is wise to not to invest heavily in something about which you cannot be sure that how it will turn out. One way to do it is by choosing smart branding strategy that will build your business image without needing you to invest too much. And as most of the readers already would have guessed, a new business can achieve their branding goals with digital marketing which is inexpensive.However, there is one other way as well and that is, by designing your own logo online instead of going for an expensive graphic designer. Free logos maker are really a good option if you want save your time and money. Alternatively, signing up for graphic design subscriptions is another way to get a well-designed logo without breaking the bank. Not only will you get a templated logo, but also one that is unique to your brand.

2. Know the Purposes

Whether you are choosing to design it on your own or you are planning to go for an online designing app or website, you need to know exactly what you want for your business. A logo has two basic functions: one is to represent who you are to your clients and the general audience, and second is to attract potential customers. That is, you need to present your business values and the core and you also have to make it attractive for your audience. These are the core purposes of a logo.

3. Peculiarity is the Key

One major purpose of a logo is to make your brand distinguishable among other competitors. Establish a brand that will stand out by choosing a logo that is not similar to your competitors. You can do it by being creative.

4. Try to Find What’s Making It Work

Checking out the logos of other competing brands will allow you to know how other famous brands are doing it. Check out the designs, color and font selection, gradient, font choice, theme, background choice, their choice of location for the logo, and the overall theme. Also, try to answer what is making a logo effective and why you are finding it attractive. This will help you have an idea about how logos work.

5. Know Your Customers

To fulfill both of the core purposes of a logo, you need to do a good market research. You should know well who your targeted customers are. The information about your targeted customers will help you understand what they will like. Try to understand the reason behind a buyer’s decision and how you can influence with your logo.

6. Understand Color Theory

In logo designing, colors are particularly very important and you need to understand what each color represent in order to use an effective color scheme. So before you start designing your logo, read a few blogs on the subject.

Understand Color Theory

7. Do not Neglect the Font

Font plays a vital role in settling a particular theme for the logo. Choose a font that will go with the core values of your business. For instance, a funky and informal fonts are good for targeting youth whereas, a formal, straight font is better for elderly audience.

8. Check Out the Trends

Choosing a logo that is too trendy is of course not a good idea because this type of a logo will fade away as soon as the trend will go. However, it is good to check out the trends and add a glimpse of it in your logo to make it more attractive.

9. Do not Overdo it

Sure you need to take care of all the details of a logo but overdoing it can ruin the design. Think smartly and do not get confused. Do not ask too many people for advice and try to engage only those who know your business market well.

10. Have Feedback

Once you are done creating your logo, use a good platform for having feedback. You can use social sites to interact with your customers and have a feedback on your logo design or you can ask your team as well.

These are a few valuable tips that a small business owner should consider before designing the logo. If you are choosing to design it online, you can come up with different designs and ask your teammates or approachable audience to pick one. However, do not worry too much as it would only increase the stress and think practically about what you should choose.Again, you need to build clarity before starting it all!

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