How to Make a Professional Proposal to Grab Good Clients on Upwork?

Are you satisfied with your resume?

Please look if it is giving your right reflection. Actually, you must need to satisfy yourself regarding skills mentioned in there. If you compare yourself with ongoing bidding skills, rates, and outputs of certain projects then you will get the idea that how to redefine your resume. Your profile should tell everybody that why you are the best within your domain. It would be not a bad idea to give slight changes to your resume when you are sending proposals so that you could give relevant references and outcomes.

You may take your hiring chances more clear if you support your proposal through documented skills. Means your proposal should be completely backed up by your skill tests. If you are giving an employer the right reflection of your skills, then your top marks can convince an employer to assign you the task. In fact, after clearing upwork skill tests answers, you will notice that clients would start to ask you to send a proposal. If this situation comes, then consider yourself successful up to 50% in regards to winning this particular bid.

Your proposal should always look catchy, more relevant and it should point out the outcomes. You need to do all that in order to gain the attention of your employer. Once you get the first impression right then comes your communication, your quality work and your way of completing the task. I would like to enforce a point of communication a bit more. Thing is, the way to communicate and the way you ask questions would force the client to give you a second thought. You shouldn’t bother if you are giving more time in order to make your proposal perfect because it is worth time-consuming here.

Clients get to see hundreds of proposals on daily basis. So just think of a situation where you have been seeing canned proposals right from the morning and then comes your proposal in the same tone. What will be your response? Obviously, you would not give a second glance to that proposal and would like to decline. So, the idea is, don’t use any created or copied responses. It is always a good idea to customize your resume and proposal in order to get more specific about certain projects. I would like to discuss my personal experience here, a client does not always look for your skills only but he wants to know if you are interested in doing his given task. Means, if certain tasks are not of your interest then you should not follow them, even if you haven’t been able to get work for months. You should be both professional and passionate about your domain/job.

Last but not least, if your proposal is showing the end result clearly then you will be winning that bid. What I prefer to do, is to determine the outcomes and problems of my client. When I send a proposal, I just try to show them the possible solution and benefits of that particular solution. This activity of mine always attracts client, when it let them know about possible solutions and benefits of doing that work through my services.


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