Make Your Website Popular on Instagram through Hashtags and Feature Contests

How to Make a Website Popular on Instagram?

Today Instagram has revolutionized the way business marketing is done over the internet. Business owners are encouraged to set up Instagram accounts where they need to share content relating to their products in the form of photos and videos and then encourage users to interact with these posts by likes, comments, and shares.

One of the essential things which influence user behavior when they are on a business website is its design; a good design can enthrall a user and encourage him to purchase while a bad design will just dissuade the user into leaving your website. Integrating your Instagram within your business’ web design can improve sales figures drastically. Two ways of doing this are by using hashtags and feature contests, and in this article, you will learn just how you can go about doing this.


Hashtags increase a posts’ visibility to a large degree. It exposes a post to a wider worldwide audience and improves your chances of getting discovered by new users from throughout the globe. One of the keys of using hashtags is by putting the correct hashtags which are relevant and which are related to the niche your business deals in exclusively. Instagram lets users who do not follow you yet to look up a certain hashtag and see all the posts made under that tag. Thus, users do not have to be your followers beforehand, and they can simply discover you.

This is one of the essential features which you can incorporate into your web design. When you put out content on your business website, always put hashtags there under the content itself, you must not feel that hashtags are only there on social media platforms. Using hashtags in your website’s content will be helpful in directing users who look up your content on Instagram.

The integration process involves, in putting up a post in Instagram with the relevant captions and hashtags and then you would have to follow it up with a much-detailed post in your website about the product (the one whose photo was put up in Instagram) where you will put those same hashtags.

Thus, when a user discovers your post and gets interested to know more about it, he or she can simply click on the link you provided to your business website and then look up that hashtag in your website’s search box and find all the essential details. The process is simple in its essential nature. You must build your web design in such a way that it will favor searching facilities for both keywords and hashtags because hashtags serve as the new form of keywords today.

Feature contests

Feature contests are those contests where users are asked to complete certain tasks, and in return, they will get gift vouchers or free prizes or get featured on your social media profiles. They are essentially called feature contests because they involve a lot of gifts and different features and criteria which the user must fulfill to win the prize.

On Instagram you can post about the pictures of your upcoming contests, contests can be like: “Best ways to use this product” or “Best stories relating to your experience of using our product,” etc. where you will try to make existing customers narrate about how they used your products. This will open up the interaction between users, and new users who haven’t used your products previously will also be interested. Gifts include special deals, discounts on upcoming products, discounts on their next purchases, or tickets to any major event and so on.

The process by which you can integrate these contests in your web design is by simply putting up a notification table in your landing page (which must be linked to your Instagram page) about the contest details where you will show which users have a winning chance and which users are trailing far behind.

Such notification will urge users to participate more because when they see their names featured on your website then more often than not they will try to win. You can put a permanent display of your contest’s winners on your pages and share their stories. Instagram would be too small a platform for these displays, but a professional website will be a jaw-dropping experience for many users to get fame on the internet. Also display the gifts and the prizes you would be giving on your business page, include links to where they can also be purchased in case other people want to buy them also.

You can get more Instagram followers by actively sharing your photos and videos (of your products and business) on various social media platforms other than Instagram and also by sending links to your Instagram page in your email newsletters which you send out.

High-end publicity

Of all the popular social media platforms that are popular in the world, no other platform has generated as much publicity as Instagram has. With its easy design layout and features which make it easy for people to look up things, Instagram has today revolutionized the way business is done. Users can check out photos of products which business owners want to sell directly on their Instagram feed and can choose to buy those products if they feel like it.

Mutual benefits

Integrating Instagram with your business website’s design will have mutual benefits for both your Instagram profile (by increasing your followers) and also for your business website by driving more traffic to it and thereby increasing chances of higher conversions. Hashtags and featuring contests are two Instagram features which you can also in your web design to boost sales. Hopefully, this article would have given you much-needed guidance on this aspect.

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