Mobile Apps in Today’s Era – An Amazing Impact in Daily Life

Mobile Apps in Todays Era

After witnessing 27 years of the omnipresence of internet, we have seen the technology evolve every decade, into something new. We went from chunky computers to laptops, to mobile phones which have now become smart phones. Unlike other technological devices, smartphones became an inseparable part of our lives.

Along with this everyday mobile usage, came the development of the app world. On a daily basis, people around the world use thousands of apps to perform a myriad of tasks, with a click. The utilities are no more about making a call or sending a message, but it is as diverse as making a bank transaction to measuring your daily physical activity. Most apps had been designed to make our lives a little more efficient – be it making digital notes or sending messages or controlling our daily navigation.

It’s all about Personalization

Whatever app an individual installs, may have a lot to say about their personality and their daily use. After all the app marketplace works on building these experiences for us users, as we want it. We get an update almost every month to make our usage a little less hassle-free with these updates. We are all trying to optimize the time we spend on the activities we like to do digitally or offline, with the help of these little helpers.

For instance, these “push notifications” that we have provided in most apps, help keep us updated with the information that we think is personally vital to our quotidian needs. On an average, a cell phone user spends the majority of his time on the apps rather than on websites or browser, and hence it is very important to strategize this time spent too and App Store Optimization should then be the first step towards increasing your downloads.

Work life effect

Apart from the entertainment and social media services, the application market has seen a great impact in the corporate realm too. We have seen a wave of major corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Firefox, et al. make mobile-friendly versions of their software already after knowing the importance of User Interface Design. But we are talking about the new revolution of work friendly apps in the new era.

With apps like Scoro, Evernote, Slack, and many more, the new age employee can segregate his personal mobile use and work needs through these newer apps that are focussed on making work related apps with a specific UI and specifications. Just like the other apps of recreational and commercial uses, these apps are developed for the growing demands where they focus on increasing the productivity with each updated edition.

Educational boons

In the last decade the complexities in the education departments has certainly spiked and caused a significant amount of pressure on the students too. These students mostly possess a smartphone with internet and use a fair amount of their time on it too. This equation led to the creation of e-educational platforms. It mushroomed with the success online educational avenues which shifted to application based modules too.

This proved to be a beneficial development as the kids were able to realize that it is time to be studying and prepare and learn through infotainment formats on these apps. Apps like ClassDojo, Duolingo, Science 360, Byju’s, etc. saw a great success as the kids loved the change in the dynamics of learning something, especially on their favourite mobile devices.

Everyday life hacks

Have you thought what you would do if – that app you use for ordering groceries stops working, or the one you use to book flight tickets at a bargained price, or just any niche app that you remember at the back of your hand?

It’s a rhetoric, and we have well inculcated these things in our demeanour too. To an extent many people also use wellness apps to help them meditate or relax, so it is clear enough that we are fien tuned to use them to our needs, and that was the intention of building these anyway. It is safe to say in the coming years we would be not able to realize the need to struggle to do something, instead of using the app for doing that task. This is actually quite a revolutionary progress in the field of science and information technology, wherein the current productivity rates of any human around the globe is just going higher than before, and a healthy discretion to use them could bring many positive outcomes.

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