PPC Marketing Strategies Professionals Can’t Ignore in 2018


Pay Per Click marketing or PPC marketing a new online marketing technique that provides all business houses a great potential to boost their online visibility and to attract more and more traffic to their website. As the competition level is increasing, every business must have a comprehensive online marketing strategy based on their business, products, and services.

You can use various online marketing strategies like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and PPC marketing. PPC advertising offers countless choices to the Internet users. PPC is all about positioning of the ads on the major search engines results page or content site for the keyword group.

Sometimes this can be done for free and sometimes through bid payable when a searcher clicks on the ad. In this method of advertising, the placement of the ads is free. The advertisers will pay only the bid amount when the visitors click on the ad.

How does Pay Per Click Marketing work?

This method aims at generating visitors to your website immediately. When a person types certain keywords, an advertisement about your products, services or brand will appear on the on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN. So here you need to choose the key phrases based on which the ads will appear.

When should you use PPC Marketing?

You can use this like any other form of advertising that you used for a short or medium-term promotion or during the launch of new products. It always generates instant results by generating clicks to your website. However, your website much have the quality and information which can drive the customer to take immediate action such as straight sale, registration on your website, product or service inquiry, etc.

You can say Pay Per Click marketing is quite helpful for achieving immediate goals of marketing like brand visibility. If you used PPC advertising for a short period, it would work great. However, the trend of PPC marketing is changing now, and you need to work according to the latest changes made by Google.

PCC Marketing Strategy for 2018



1. The increase of Display advertising:

PPC experts have detected that the display advertising is increasing in the field of PPC marketing. As per the data, it is predicted that the total cost of display advertising will move to around $41.87 billion in 2018. In 2017, it was $37.20 billion. But you need to know that where the display ads normally appear. Currently, Facebook is of the best platform for the display ads. Most of the consumer spend their time on Facebook.

That’s why it has turned in to a primary way to introduce product and services to the consumers. It is also found that Facebook has increased the display ad revenue over some years and the advertisers know the power of this social media platform. The Google AdWords campaigns are effective, but if you want to get more, then you can’t ignore Facebook display ads. So in 2018, this trend will be there.

2. Video display ads:

Some have predicted that video advertising will become the new trend in 2018. If compared, the video display ads are relatively cheaper than search ads. That’s why it offers small and medium scale businesses to connect with their customers. Text made ads are good, but sometime it may not attract the customers. But with video display ads you can get more eyes and more clicks.

The video display ads are rising, and you should incorporate this format in your digital marketing strategy. Experts say videos displayed on it greatly attract Facebook users. The same thing is happening on Instagram. You can gain more users engagement using live or recorded videos. Some experts also have predicted that in 2018 the video display ads will emerge as the second highest ad spend platform. In 2019, video traffic will account for 80% of internet traffic.

3. Mobile landing page:

In 2017 the number of mobile users worldwide reached 4.77 billion, and now it is predicted that the number will increase to 5 million by 2019. The statistical data shows that among five mobile users, at least four users use phones to access the internet. Which makes mobiles as one of the effective platforms for PPC advertising?

Nowadays, people are using smartphones instead of desktop or laptop for online shopping. So, the PPC landing page must be mobile responsive first then think about desktop responsive.  If you are thinking how to develop an effective landing page design, just keep the following factors in your mind to design a mobile-friendly PPC landing page:

  • There must be shot sales cycles.
  • Think about the mobile campaign format, but that should be industry specific.
  • Use mobile favored ads.

4. Page load speed will matte the most:

Internet users like speed and they will not pay interest if the website takes a long time to load. The PPC advertising is increasing, and with this, it is important to boost loading speed of the page. For this, Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In 2018 advertisers can use such pages for every PPC marketing campaign to boost customer engagement.

5. It is the time of Internet of Things (IoT):

One of the major factors of search engine personalization is the Internet of Things. You can use these to collect valuable data about the customers so that you can customize your PPC advertising campaign as per their requirements.

6. Expanded Text Ads:

The introduction of the Expanded Text Ads enables the advertisers to use more character in their PPC ads. This feature has doubled the size of PPC ads on Adwords.

PPC marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting a website as it generates instant traffic and profit. However, before indulging in this, it is imperative to understand the recent trends and strategy of PPC marketing so that you can come up with a perfect PPC ad which can promote your website on major search engines like Google, MSN, etc. The trends mentioned above can be considered while developing PPC campaign.

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