Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Any business or organisation that has invested heavily in content marketing recently is already reaping many benefits. In most cases, a strong digital marketing team will focus on what is promising better results like content marketing. This has resulted in numerous strategies and trends that have arrived in 2018.

As a good business person, it is crucial not to be left behind. You and your marketing team must understand these content marketing trends, how they work and the benefits they bring forth. Here are five of the most popular.

1.  Off-the-Screen Content

A while ago, content marketing was all about reading on the screen and clicking to get what you need. In 2018, this has greatly changed. The hands and eyes can now take a break as content marketing is becoming more sophisticated. Think of Apple’s Siri. The virtual assistant will engage users of Apple products through conversation and provide them with the information they need. All you need is to listen as you are engaged in other activities like watching the baby or cooking. Amazon is not left behind because they have Alexa, who is a voice service that is revolutionizing content marketing.

2.  Live Video Marketing

It is now popular for both marketers and potential customers to utilize live videos. According to some surveys, more marketers want to create more live video content than any other type of content. The good thing about this craze is real-time interaction and videos that engage both parties for a longer period of time. Beginners can have Facebook live videos that are over 120 percent more effective in organic reach than normal videos. Although the use of live video is still low overall, the number is on the rise this year.

3.  Virtual Reality Rises Again

2018 has surprising strategies. Virtual reality started to rise some years ago although it stagnated. Today, VR has started to rise again. Probably, marketers and innovators have devised better ways to engage potential clients through VR. Some research shows that integrating content marketing with VR will not only reduce the cost but also has over 30 percent more benefits in customer conversion efforts.

4.  Crossing the Media Lines

A decade ago, most of the content was distributed through the owned media. Now, everything has gone outside this container in an aggressive way. Who would not like to try something new if it is working better? Look at how digital marketers are now using paid media and earned media. New strategies are actually predicted to roll out later this year and beyond. Indeed, the media lines are fading.

5.  Distribution Has Power

This year, we have seen all manner of content distribution to the potential clients. This is why we have all these new strategies to distribute the content in a better way. Those using the web and blogs have been more aggressive through superior content, inbound and outbound links and many other methods. Some of the more aggressive approaches include live videos and VR.

With the above trends in 2018, content marketing could not be better. It is a year of revolution in marketing strategies. Watch and embrace the ones that suit your business because they are all affordable but effective.

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