SEO Trends to Follow in 2019

SEO Trends to Follow in 2019

With the emerging notion that ‘SEO is dead’ has spread like a wildfire, people are confused and do not know which data to trust. But there is one question that can be intriguing if social plugins and platforms would really report for more traffic generation?

There are plenty of templates and software that observes the user behavior in order to have a clear idea what the audience is searching,and it counts on a daily note where the online streaming is preserving the data.

Google stands the only massive search engine that involves everyday search from across the globe. The searches have been increasing yearly and the cause behind this rise in number is due to the multiple social mediums that shifts the traffic. Google has far more massive traffic generation pattern as compare to the existent social media platforms.

The Supremacy of SEO:

SEO has topped the marketing strategies ever. As per the analysis 63% of the clicks for advertisement goes to SEO, apparently 41% of clicks goes to SEO portable. The marketing level or advertisement technique through SEO is 20 times constructive then the paid search which is a good number.

Paid Ads can be defined as a hired force to protect the prospect whereas SEO is itself a castle and would protect its strategies by itself. Although building a castle can take a lot of time and energy but it is better than to pay for the Ads repeatedly.

There is a constant change in SEO strategies where marketers are being influenced by the advancement in technology and big data. Most of the marketers do not invest in organic search, maybe the graph of slow growth influences in an unsatisfied manner. Back in a decade the search result may varied with the new invented search result where the graphics are more colorful, exquisite and assisting the user with all the help in the world and is radically changed.

The Search has become an Ambience

In this world of digitally sound and capability, humans have learnt more to develop within multiple prospects. Its everywhere in the car, in the house, restaurants, offices and even searches are now mobile.

Google Tips for SEO Growth:

Search engine optimizations are made easy and simpler for entrepreneurs to display their brands and be known through a proper channel. Well, fair enough for the startups to avoid unwanted digital loitering.

SEO is an evolving age of learning and it has an influence over website performances. As we are at the end of 2018 and would practically be entering in 2019, there are multiple elements for SEO trends that requires change and alteration which results in less fatigue and hassle.

  • Speed limit
  • Effectivity
  • Content Creativity
  • User Engagement


The list could go on;however, the retaining SEO techniques are mandatory to be learnt by every marketer in order to plan strategies categorically. The SEO now-a-days has also become moveable as it is available and user-friendly. Speed of a website pillars the basics of deeply studying the SEO management and retaining the present trend. The fast uploading site is ranked good amongst the websites, if the landing pages are slow people might lose engagement and this is what matters the most.


Google has measures to gauge the expert levels of when it comes to examine the emerged concepts. Be careful with the money you invest and either you are putting efforts by appearing with well-equipped knowledge level.

SEO trend can be in a vulnerable position and volatility simultaneously. What if users grew out of boredom and no longer click on your site? This situation can be alarming as the effectivity and engagement of a website enhances the performance level of the brand.

Content Creativity:

Ofcourse content is above all pattern where engaging and creativity matters. The more attractive content can lead to a massive traffic. From catchy slogans to soothing pick-up lines for the brand, the potential audience seeks energy in the content where they can relate too.

A quality content has multiple directions which can be useful in:

  • Press releases
  • Vlogging
  • Podcast
  • Blogs/Articles
  • Audio books
  • Newsfeed
  • Social Media
  • PDFs
  • E-Books

The optimization of the content values the search from the user and it responds in the direction aptly. Content itself can maximize the value of SEO as both elements work together. Its like connecting the missing puzzle and bond together.

Its is an epic way to project the formats, texts, audio presentations concluded and displayed through effective means. However, writers must also be aware of producing the relevant content to define its values and imply the best routine to the SEO practice.

User Engagement:

While putting up with the best SEO campaigns, mostly marketers tend to forget the essential element i:e: user engagement. If your website has a massive traffic generation but has zero user engagement, then the traffic can go in vain.

Does user engagement put an impact over SEO practice? The question might occur repeatedly in our minds. Think twice if your website owns a stable position in SERP and are the SEO methods are capable to rely on. Therefore, as a developer, marketer and SEO you may increase user engagement by redefining the SEO techniques/objectives.

Make sure that you are changing the strategies from technical plans to creative and quality content. The leadership style for SEO driven plans should shift its dimension towards promoting the business in an effective manner by involving the audience.

Blockchain Impact on SEO:

The amazing pattern for detecting the discrepancy in the transaction is through blockchain.This helps in fraudulent activities and restore the security of the data, it is a safe method to make validations secure.

The optimization also stands tall for online business culture. Its all about embracing the strategies and create innovation for the users. The pace for SEO and other developments validates the power of SEO. The proper improvisation of the SEO improves the worth and analysis of the online business. Another important role is played by the bitcoin marketing aspects as it attracts the potential audience towards the website and assists in generating targeted leads.

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