The Impact of Classroom Technology on Student’s Behavior


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Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s life. It can’t be avoided and it has changed every field and helped to improve our lifestyle. In every field, we can say that technology as influenced deeply and immensely. Technology helped to see the world and it is like an open window for the world. In the other side, we can say that it has its own negative effect on our life and health but it up to us how to use it and how to deal with it. If we take only positive effect it has brought so many positivity‚Äôs and developments in our life which can’t be ignored. If we take a particular field like the educational field it has brought immense changes and developments.

Technology changed the basic idea of education and helped to achieve perfection in the educational field. Mainly it helped teachers as well as students in achieving new techniques and ideas of teaching and learning. In the past, the educators were worried that if they use technology in the educational field whether it will divert students mind and they will lose concentration on learning but when they used technology in the educational field the result was opposite to what they thought. Yes at first they were confused about how to use and how to deal with new strategies but as we know when we adopt new methods it will take time to be perfect and to adjust to the method.

Now the positivity of technology is seen and students, as well as teachers, enjoy teaching and learning process. Because it is stress-free and the classroom was really energetic and full of positive vibes. There is an immense change in student’s behavior towards learning and the way they look education has changed.

Become more confident

The main change that we can observe in students behavior is they become more confident. In the past when they got any class work and other activities they don’t have any kind of helping hand instead of teacher and textbooks so that made them stressful and they lost confidence over learning and presenting their work. But now when they got any work they were confident in presenting it with full information and knowledge because new there were so many applications are developed to help the education. And they will get all the information’s related to it. So they become confident in presenting their work and they collect the necessary information’s related to that subject. So they can go through stress-free academic life and they were showing a keen interest in their work as well as in their class activities.

Interest in creative work

Become more confident

When the technology is used in the classroom instead of teaching the subject the teacher can also use it for encouraging their creative skills. The teacher can create their class blog and post the students work on interest or in their class blog. It will be a great positive impact on their confidence and on their work. It is really useful to push the student and develop their skills. By posting their work on blog teacher giving them the best platform to the students and they will concentrate on their skill more and more so such changes are brought by the technology and it is really a good platform for the students to present their skills and ideas.

Improves communication skills

Technology helps to improve the communication skills of the students. They can get so many educational application related to their subject especially n their language subject. Mainly in English subject. Because English is pronounced differently so through technology teacher will be able to present the English vocabulary to the students. They can be expert in their subject and it is really useful to them. In every field, the English are the communicative language and people evaluate one individual by their communicative ability. So to get that perfection teacher can present the videos related to the pronunciation which is really helpful to the students. When they get perfection in language that is especially in English naturally it will improve their confidence and their attitude.

Change in student-teacher relationship

Change in student-teacher relationship

Here mainly means the rapport between the student and teacher changes. In the traditional method, the teacher didn’t get the chance to converse with the students and ask their opinion and ideas. But in this modern technological method teacher is continuously conversing with the students and asking their opinions related to the subject and the videos that are shown by the teacher. Technology is something which brings different kinds f people together and they see what the teacher showed to them.

Now in every classroom and in every educational institution, we can see the use of technology and the positive classroom atmosphere which is really helpful to the teacher as well as to the students. In this new modern era, students expect teachers to be friendly and the classroom is to be student oriented. So teacher now adopts a technology-based method which brings students to class to the children and the students actively participate in the classroom. They express their viewpoints on a certain topic and a discussion is developed in the classroom which is really good for the students.

Increased individual learning attitude

Now teachers are merely a guide and instructor for the students. Because they were completely depending on the technology. If the teacher guides them to a particular task they will do it independently with the help of technology. So in the classroom as well as at the home, they can learn where ever they want they don’t need the help of teacher continuously. They get all the necessary information’s in the technology so it really reduced the work of the teacher and students are independently doing their job and activities without the teacher’s help.

If they find any difficulty in a particular topic or subject they can search in Google and through a search engine they will get the necessary information’s and also related videos which will be really helpful to them. So now the students are not at all stressed in their academic life because they have a helping hand and they can completely depend upon it. Before exam also they can face a test a mock test which is also developed in applications related to every subject. So in every sense technology made students independent.

Education is something which is really important to every individual and they want the best education for their future success. So after the influence of technology in the educational field student’s concept related to the education and learning process has been changed completely. Now they have been started enjoying the learning process and they know the importance of education as well as the importance of learning technological skills because in every field what most need quality is a technological expert. So students are becoming expert in technology and they are being ready to face the challenges in future and lead a successful life.

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