Smart classroom for smarter education

The classroom is something in which we get an atmosphere of learning and it is really important to maintain that feeling. In the past, the learning process was taken in between the four walls and students use to sit and listen to the teachings. But now as there were deep technological developments are made and it really affects the thought process of teachers as well as listeners. Now a day’s teaching is not based on subject-oriented now the teachings has given importance to student’s interest and have become student oriented.


Technology has a deep influence on the educational field but at the beginning educational institutions hesitated in using the technological device in the classroom because they thought that it will affect the students learning process negatively but as time passed and technology influenced the educational system and brought a deep change in the teaching curriculum. Now more than 90%of schools and colleges use technological devices in the classroom which really helped to improve the quality of teaching and has improved the academicals performance of the students. Classrooms where digitalized teachers use computers and laptops in their teaching curriculum to increase the learning ability of the students.

As time changes the students and parents expect something new in their learning methods. So when the apparent search for schools and colleges admission for their child first they do a research whether the institutions are well organized and equipped with technology because they know the importance of technology in their Childs professional career. So there is no doubt that technology has made classroom smart and provided quality education for the students.

Easier learning process


Smart classroom makes the learning process easy and more effective. As the teacher includes video clippings related to the particular subject different videos of charts graphs which she doesn’t need to drew and waste her time on it. So it saves time and it is more effective. The teacher can save all the related information’s and videos as documents in computers and just present it before the students. And she just needs to explain it so such a class will be more interesting. In the past teacher have to drew all the picture in the blackboard and then have to explain about it in which she has to waste time so smart classroom makes learning and teaching more easier and it saves the time of teacher and she can move to another topic easily and students will be sitting more alertly and actively. The teacher will not get into any kind of pressure or tension. So learning becomes easy to process.

Not expensive one

The smart classroom needs a well organized and well developed technological device. And it needs some financial soundness for making it happen. At first, it will need a sum of money but later it is the cheaper one. Ones you install all the information’s and matters related to the subject then you can use it according to your wish and your comfort. Ones you installed it then the expenses will reduce. It will need money only to maintain the technological devices or in servicing the technological devices later on it will not need much money because you using the installed matters in the classroom which need current nothing else so it is a coast free process. It can be used by the teacher as well as by the students whenever they need. So the learning process can be done without any break and it will be interesting because videos presented in the technological devices will be a colorful and attractive way to the learning process will interesting and effective one.

Encourages creativity

As we know every child is born with a unique quality which as a teacher we have found it should encourage them in that particular field. A smart classroom is not only related to learning and education it also includes extra activities in which the students are interested. When the teacher uses technological devices teacher can create their own class website through which students will get the opportunities to show their talents in writing drawing and all. So in the class website, students can publish their ideas and opinion which will be encouraged through positive comments. So students will get confidence in presenting their ideas and opinions and also presenting their creative thoughts which are really important in this generation.

Eco-friendly learning process

As the technological devices are replacing the textbooks and papers mostly now in every school and colleges digital devices are taking place. Textbooks are rarely used in certain colleges and schools. Teachers carry tab or laptops through which the teaching process is taking place. Now at least 40%of schools are using technological devices in the place of textbooks and notes. The examination process is also made online where we don’t need papers and no need to cut the trees to prepare papers and textbooks in such a way we can make eco-friendly learning-teaching process. The expense of making textbooks can also be reduced. A large number of papers are used in the educational process to make textbook materials and they used and dumped in certain places which are really bad for our environment so such things must be reduced and in some places such usage of papers are reduced  So digitalized classrooms will lead to the eco-friendly learning process.

Specialized in technological skills

As the technology is used in the primary level of education which made student’s expert in that particular area. Technological skills are really important in the learning process if they ones used and adopted then they can be expert in the technological skills throughout their academicals career. Education is not only related to textbook oriented learning it is about the overall development of personal skills as well as professional skills.

In future technology plays an important role in every field technological abilities are asked and required so if the education system accepts the digitalized classroom then the students will be able to all type of experience related to the technology and they will get a confidence to operate the technological devices. So through smart classroom, we are providing students’ education with the help of technology.

Education is not only about learning the text materials education is the overall development of a student. So through digitalized classroom and smart classroom, we are getting a chance to prepare the students and every individual to face the competitive world. Technology will give them real-life experience and make them understand that the textbook ideas are not reel one it really exists in our society. And will help them to realize the reality of this world and society. So through smart classroom and digitalized classroom students will get new and fresh experience and make them ready for future life.

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