Social Walls for events – What is it and How to leverage it


There are new technologies, innovations, and creative elements that keep coming out from time to time for event organizers to make their event more engaging & entertaining.

One such solution is the Social Wall and it has been emerging among the event planners & organizers in recent times.

But what is a Social Wall? How does it work? Or how does it relate to the events? Well! We have answered these questions in this article, so let’s start.

Social Walls for events

What is a Social Wall?

A Social Wall is when a social media aggregator & UGC platform curates user-generated content from social media platforms into a single feed that you can customize and display it across different marketing channels. So, this feed is called the Social wall.

Social walls are basically digital displays that creatively and usefully display the content posted by users on social media. You can aggregate UGC from social media relating to any hashtag, profile, keyword, timeline, channel, mentions, username, etc.

When you talk about events, social walls can help you make the event more interesting and engaging for the attendees. Moreover, we have listed a few ways to leverage the social walls in your events.

How To Leverage Social Wall For Events

  1. Tap Into A Broader Audience

With social walls, you can reach a wider & broader audience both in an online environment and through offline engagement. So, every person engaging with the social wall will expose your event to their following.

As the audience will engage with the social wall, it will result in the expansion of your reach, awareness creation, and extended exposure. This will help your event to get maximum impressions leading to setting up a strong base for future events & activities.

  1. Grow Audience Engagement

It is the primary objective for any event planner and social walls are designed to serve this purpose perfectly. A social wall is basically a display of users’ content which will only come out of engagement.

So, you can use the social wall to motivate the audience to engage more and more with the event and social wall. You can organize contests, giveaways, competitions, etc. to attract the attendees to engage. When the audience will have a chance to contribute, it will grow their engagement with the event.

  1. Branding & Promotions

Leveraging social walls for branding & promotions of your brand is awesome as you won’t have to invest separately for advertising. Along with the UGC, you can also include your custom branded content for promotions.

This will help you leverage the audience’s attention to your brand’s benefits. You can also share product updates, industry news, new launches, and much more. Not just this, you can also add sponsorship for your events as well.

Social walls can be used to display custom sponsorship through logo placement, advertising posts, banners, etc. This will help you generate revenue from your social wall.

  1. Leverage User-Generated Content

Just create your own event hashtag and ask users to share their content using it before and during the event. So, once the event arrives, you can leverage this valuable user-generated content in your event through social walls.

The UGC display will help you build trust, authenticity, and reliability among the event audience through positive digital word-of-mouth marketing i.e. UGC. It will motivate the audience to engage more and this will also help in strengthening social media presence.

  1. Interactive Real-Time Sessions

          Organize real-time interactive sessions like QnA sessions, polls, leaderboards, etc. in your events. An excellent solution where the audience gets a tremendous opportunity to interact & indulge in the conversation.

It will enhance the quality and impact of in-event interactions. Also, Showing the users’ content on the social wall will act as a reward that will attract more and more audience & users from the event and social media to be a part of it.

  1. Infuse Fun & Entertainment

Fun & entertainment is a huge part of any successful event especially when it comes to concerts, weddings, parties, etc. A social wall is an excellent solution to make your event entertaining & interesting.

With a social wall, you can gamify the audience’s experiences at your event by adding contests, photo booths, themed photos, greetings, and much more. This will make your event stand out and will be a memorable one for every attendee.


There are so many possibilities that you can uncover with Social Walls in your event. You can use a UGC platform & social media aggregator to create & display social walls.

But the important thing to know is that while choosing a UGC platform, you should take into consideration elements like its reliability, ease of use, customization & moderation opportunities, customer support, compatibility, pricing, etc.

So, try for yourself and see how you can create an unmatching event experience for your audience with a Social wall.

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