Solved!! – Error Code 0x80072f06 in Microsoft Outlook

Error Code 0x80072f06 in Microsoft Outlook

Do you encounter an unknown error code termed as  0x80072f06 Outlook? Then, this blog will offer you reasons and different methods by which you can solve this issue.


Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client that is used in most organizations. It is known for its advanced features and services. It enables the user to access their Outlook files both in the offline and online modes. These features allow them to access the files even in the absence of internet connectivity. Still, users have to face some unpleasant conditions where they experience errors. If you are the one who is facing error code 0x80072f06  then read this article carefully.

Existence Of 0x80072f06 Outlook

MS Outlook error 0x80072F06 is an OST file error. It generally occurs when Outlook doesn’t go well with the Exchange Server. Outlook uses a contact list known as Offline address book (OAB). OAB is analogous to GAL (global address list) and is available in the Exchange Server mailbox. The exchange server includes the contents of user information like names and email addresses used by Outlook. Thus, the presence of OAB doesn’t require the Exchange server connection to send the mail.

Reasons to receive error code 0x80072f06

Users receive this error when they want to update OAB from the Exchange server. Though, The error can occur due to various reasons. Few of them are given below:

  • Installing an Outlook application in an inappropriate manner.
  • Update .oab file in an improper way.
  • If Windows system file gets damaged or corrupted
  • Exchange security certificates related issues

Different Methods to repair 0X80072f06 Outlook?

Outlook errors like 0X80072f06 may result due to issues such as inaccessibility of Outlook files. So, one should use a reliable and efficient solution to resolve this Outlook error code 0x80072f06. Some methods have been written below to fix this error.

Method 1: Operate the System Restore

You can reinstall the system to a prior time to resolve this error. If you want to reinstall the system to a prior time, then follow these steps:

  • First, start your system and login as an Administrator.
  • Under the “Control Panel” from the “All control panel items” option select the option “System”.
  • Then, select the “System Protection” on the left side of the opened window prompt.
  • A new wizard will be displayed on the screen. Then, tap on the “System Restore” option available under the tab “System Protection”.

Now,  you can use these steps to restoring the system. It will only take a short time to perform a system restore for Windows. Once the system is restored, review if the issue is sorted out or not.

Method 2: Delete the available OAB file

The error 0x80072f06 mainly occurs due to improper synchronization between the Exchange Server and the OAB file. Thus, you can delete the available OAB file. Once the OAB file is deleted from the Exchange Server a new OAB file will be downloaded. This new OAB file will sync with the exchange server, then no error will last.

These are the manual methods that you can use to operate. In case, you find it difficult then you can try the alternative method that will resolve the error code 0x80072f06 issue.

An Alternative method

You can use the OST to PST Converter. It is one of the best solutions to fix Outlook errors. It will restore the corrupt and damaged Exchanged OST files.


In this article, I explained the different methods to repair the corrupt OST files that counter 0x80072f06 Outlook error. Users can try any one of the following methods both manual and alternative methods. Users can try the alternative tool as the manual method has some limitations. Alternative tools will securely resolve this issue without data alteration.

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